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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 52

    I was 13 and got my first job working on a farm during the summer. I worked with a black guy named Junior,he was 17 skinny and dumb as a bag of hammers. One day he says " come on teddy I is gonna show ya where we keeps day feed"
    I follow him to a back room then we go in and he locks the door behind us. Junior grabs me then puts his knife to my throat " Now don't y'all scream or I'll cut ya" I was scared and thought he was going to kill me for sure.
    He pushed me against a wall,reached down slipping one hand in my pants and started rubbing my penis and ball sack. " Ok Teddy get on yo knees facing me" I did like he said because I was so scared. He then unbuttoned his trousers letting them fall around his ankles that's when I knew what he wanted.
    His penis hung down almost to his knees and his balls were big as oranges. "Ever suck another man off white boy?" I said no in a Shakey voice. " Well you gonna learn." With that he picked up his giant cock then put it to my lips " open up Teddy boy" then he pushed it in my mouth as far as it would go " Ok start sucking " he laughed as he fucked my mouth.
    I almost vomited from the smell. He held my head as he continued r****g me. "Yeah you is gonna make Junior squirt his spunk boy keep sucking my black pole mutha fucka" His big ball sack slapped my chin with each thrust as he moaned.
    "Mmmmmmm yeah bitch almost almost ohhh ohhhhhhh here it come it comin it comin" his cock head twitched and shotlong ropes of his warm salty semen in my mouth. "Swallow it bitch" he said slapping me. I drank it all down.
    He pulled his limp dick out and pulled up his pants "you say anything and I'll cut yo ass boy"
    He r**ed me everyday that summer till the law finally came and arrested him on some other charge

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    Some older black boys in the park by my grandparents house made me into their sissy boy bitch too. I couldn't tell anyone cause my grandma told me not to go there. I had to suck um and let um fuck me too.
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    I was 16 and white working with an 18 year old black boy at my gramps farm, he wasn't like the one in your story. He was tall and thin though, he didn't r**e me, but he did end up making me his bitch, and after the second time I wanted what he had.

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