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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Once again, after resisting the urge for a few weeks I took a trip to the ABS with glory holes. It never gets too far out of my mind since I drive by it every day on the way to and from work. It looked to be a decent crowd of non-junk vehicles so that got my hopes up.
    First booth I tried had a small uncut cock on the other side, we traded for a while, he wanted to get a room, no thanks, I'm just going to wander around a little.
    Next booth I tried I ran into a guy who had a modest but thick cock, he felt fuller in my mouth and we enjoyed several back and forth suck sessions until we both decided to explore further.
    Last booth I tried a guy entered and acted like he was going to feel me out. I offered fingers and he came over and pressed his bulging sweatpants up to the hole where I took over rubbing his package. Then he pulled back slightly so I could work his pants down and his nice cut dick bobbed freely. Oh it was a nice hard cock with a set of smallish shaved balls. I worked his shaft over for quite a while taking him just into my throat entrance, then gave some concentration to those smooth balls, I could get them both in my mouth at the same time and after giving them a good tongue bath, I returned to his rock hard shaft. He gestured that he wanted me to jack him hard and I felt his urgency as I took over briskly jacking him into my mouth until he started giving me my warm creamy cummy reward. What a nice reward I had earned from that beautiful brown rod! I'll be back, just wonder how long I'll be able to wait this time.

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    I ADORE glory holes.
    The chance for random cock suckers.
    The chance for random cock to suck.

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