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    My wife was going out for the evening and told me her sister would be dropping by to borrow a couple of things. I was going to be home all night and was waiting for her sisters arrival. I fell asleep on the couch and was surprised when I woke up to find my sister on the other couch looking at me. I asked how she got in and was told my wife told her where our spare key was. It wouldn't have been such a big deal but I was naked and she was seeing everything. I apologized about being naked even though I didn't know why I had any reason to. She even said I had no reason to and then mentioned she never expected to see me like this. She then apologized saying she should have knocked instead of using the spare key but it was too late for that now.

    She said she was surprised by me because I was naked but more so in that I had made no effort to cover up. I mentioned it was too late to hide anything now since she had seen everything. She said she felt bad and asked if I wanted to see her. I told her my wife would not approve. She began to undress until she was naked too and told me we didn't need to tell her. She looked very similar to my wife but she had one thing that caught my attention, she had a fully hairless pussy. She saw me staring and asked if I liked it. I told I liked hairless and wished my wife kept hers that way. She moved closer and began to run her hand up and down my cock. I moved my hand between her legs and she opened them wide and let me finger her. She was a little wet but soon became wetter. She then told me to stop with my finger and had me lay on the couch. She got on top of me and took my cock inside her. She was riding me and I was enjoying even moment of it. When done she smiled and said we definitely better not tell my wife or anyone else for that matter. She too was married so we had just cheated on our spouses. She got dressed and grabbed what she came over to borrow.

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    That is a nice start to begin with a satisfactory i****tuous relationship between two consenting adult persons. Fuck up and Keep us updated!
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    It's always very refreshing to read consensual i****t.You are lucky.Carry on but be cautious.

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