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    For my senior year Spring Break my roommate and I went to Cabo. We purchased a thong bikini and realized we needed to get waxed before wearing the bikinis at the beach. We signed up for a wax at the spa and decided to go duo, side by side. With a silly smile we held hands and let the ladies go to work. Between moments of embarrassment, pain, and guilt we were cleaned up front and back. Laying on my back she got up and touched my pussy. A moment later she bent over and kissed my recently waxed lips. She stood straight and asked me if I liked her clean pussy.

    Paying and going back to our room we changed into our new thong bikinis and headed for the beach. Lots of women wore thongs and we felt self conscious of our pale behinds but we held our heads up and got sunburned. That night we had to lather our butts with cream and decided to stay out of the sun the next day. Bedtime and a long series of looks and sighs I asked her into my bed. She slipped off her panties and asked me for mine and slipped into bed.

    Gently touching our pussies, holding our nipples with our fingers, nose to nose we kissed as we slipped fingers in our pussy. Our sore behinds faded away as we ate pussy, made out until we got close to grind our clits against each other. Following orgasms we cuddled up to sleep.

    Spring Break was our first, for both of us, we followed up many times. After graduation we married sweethearts, had families and remained best friends. Our Spring Break served to open a window we would never open. When we are together, we make love. With my husband, basically he fucks, but I can't say he makes love. And I have to admit, I love seeing my best friend naked, I can't say that about my husband.

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