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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    I went to a Christian summer camp when I was 17. A bid breasted girl from the east coast started flirting with me from day one. One the third day her friend and her found me resting in the common room. I think she was showing off to friend and put her leg over me and sat down in my dick!
    Her friend was wearing running shorts and sat alongside me. The big tittie girl started grinding my cock.
    Her friend was very amused. I couldn’t help looking at her legs. I put my hand on the running short’s thigh. I expected her to push my hand away but she didn’t. The big breasted girl that was grinding me didn’t seam to mind either.
    I started rubbing her leg and slowly moved up towards her shorts,
    Again she didn’t flinch. So I continued and slipped my fingers under her lose shorts.
    There was other people in the room but we were along side a couch and with the big breasted girl on top of me no one could see the shorts girl close her eyes as I slipped my finger in her pussy.

    Now the interesting part of the true story was that because Big breasted was right in front of me and I more focused on running shorts legs that I didn’t pay very much attention to her face.

    I was at the camp for another 5 days and I couldn’t remember who running shorts was.....

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    If I was fingering her, and she was enjoying it, I damn sure would've been looking at her face. If not to be able to find her again later, but to watch her as I fingered her pussy.

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