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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    When I was 16 I came home from a party and walked in on my mom and her friend eating each other out in the living room.

    I got hard watching my mom and her fiend I striped and asked if I could join with my 7in cock in my mom's face she started sucking my cock with in mins I cum my mom swallowed it all then I started eating her friend out tell my cock got hard again.

    Then I fucked my mom and her friend 4 times cumming all in them both the next morning I woke up to my mom riding my cock I beat her pussy like it owed me money as her friend filmed it I shoot my load deep in her pussy then her friend eat my cum out of her as I was making out with my mom.

    Then when I was hard again I fucked her friend as my mom filmed us as I cumed in her pussy my mom says good news your aunt is moving in with us as of today we all stayed in bed all day after that we contued to fuck tell I went to college

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    Filming is risky.Get all videos deleted before your mom's friend starts blackmailing you both to extort and humiliate.Incest is fun only if kept between the two.The friend can force your mom to sleep around and ruin her reputation,as also make you do things you won't want to.

    Stop this suicidal behaviour and act fast.
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    Delete all videos and ask this twerp if she has any more.If you are lucky she won't have any or she will hand over all copies(Tell her,if she refuses, that you will report her to the police for forcing you to have sex with your mother and get all copies).

    Don't blackmail her either.Continue,if you all want to,without filming anything.
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    Unbelievable mother-fucker - one cannot get hard so sooner with so many fucks with two mature women!!
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    Hate to ruin the party, but all the spelling errors indicate author didn't stay in college very long if at all. Was she your mom's friend or your aunt? By5F3W9
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    I'm a senior citizen and I have to agree with #3. I, through experience, cannot believe any male, regardless of age, can ejaculate (cum) numerous times in short time. Even women, I recall after my wife and I were married she worked in a department store and one day of break another lady told that her boyfriend and caused her to cum 23 times in a row. Well, my wife and I tried many times and I recall that 11 times was the most she could ever do. And, so far as men, I am positive and proof that no man can come 2 ties together, not to think of many times. When a man cum's he is finished for a short time. I'll go for with the same errec5tion. He might be able to play around for a while until he gets another hard on but then it will be hard to cum again for awhile. And this is experience talking, not some young person trying to imagine. I know some are going to disagree but I still think they are exaggerating.

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