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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I normally come to this site to read about other peopleâs exciting experiences because nothing ever happens in mine, until recently. So a little back story, Iâm adopted and itâs its no secret to anyone. My family is the typical tan, preppy, high class, too much money, Florida, canât get enough sun or high class social events. I donât know why they adopted me at almost 12, but itâs clear Iâm the different one. They are vanity and money stricken. I have my parents who obviously got started on making a family very young. They had twins to start, the perfect daughter and son. My older âbrother and sisterâ have bodies of gods and are extremely smart and intellectual, though they donât act like it. She acts like an instagram seductive model who loves Starbucks and her Land Rover, he looks like a surfing god who lives the environment. They get their looks naturally from their parents. Theyâre slim, perfectly tanned, smart, rich and the ladies have god give huge breasts. My little brother looks the same, heâs a musician and science nerd. So yeah, perfect family. I on the other hand look like a Icelandic strongman in the making, part of my genetics I guess and the other part is because thatâs how I train. It wasnât the easiest growing up without a family, and thereâs a lot of bad people and stuff out there. I had/have a âbig brotherâ mentor who was a strongman competitor who took me in, kept me safe and taught me his ways. The bigger I got, the less people bothered me and the more ladies/guys noticed me on a âpositiveâ way. Where am I going with all of this?
    So new family, beautiful, rich, social, little street smarts etc. Iâm not a social person, and a lot of people are intimidated by me. I hit puberty and the gym young. My family is amazing to me. Theyâre all tiny too lol. All my siblings at one point or another Iâve had to step in and âcorrectâ people in how they treat them, respect earned. We are all very close now. My older brother is always trying to hook me up with chicks, not interested in his beach sluts. My older sister though, she âtriesâ to hook me up with her slut friends, also not interested, but she has become very flirty and touchy with me. She has also become very âopen and revealingâ around me in private. She makes me feel like she wants to have sex with me. Sheâs even gone so far as to âaccidentallyâ run her hand along the inside of my thigh feeling my cock and blushing. Iâm not trying to ruin having a family finally.
    My other brother, I keep his secret safe as he is in the closet with his homosexuality. My dad loves my mother but he has his homosexual side as well, and my mother accepts it. Every time she agrees to let him spend a night with a guy, she gets a bit too drunk with her girlfriends and gets dropped off by either our driver or one of theirs. This is where things take a strange turn.
    Numerous occasions she has come home sloshed, and I help get her in, taken care of and up to bed. Siblings are usually out and about or with friends. I donât go out much, my Tim is spent in the gym, eating and resting or studying. As if recent though, my mother came home drunk, and loose lipped talking about how dad was out with another man who was absolutely gorgeous and how he would please him in amazing ways that she couldnât and she felt down and was upset because she really wanted him that night. I did my usual thing, I let her talk, helped her up to her room. She was persistent on showering before bed but asked me to wait outside the open bathroom door so we could talk. I obliged. In the middle of her talking I heard her fall, so I dashed in to check on her. She was later out awkwardly in the tub so I helped her up, as I stood her up she pressed her wet naked and beautiful body against me, I could smell the alcohol. She gave me some borderline compliments and thanked me. She held onto me to get out of the shower, not in a hurry to cover her naked body. She said that I was a real man and gentleman at that. She proceeded to the bed and I went to leave, as I was almost out the door she quickly shot back with âwhere my hug goodnight?â I moved along her bedside, she made sure I could see her bare upper body, gave me a tight squeeze and said thank you. Before I could leave she asked if I could keep a secret for her, I said yes, I already was. She said thanks again and quickly pulled my cock from my athletic shorts and just held it and looked at it. Iâm not one to ever boast but I know I have a long a girth penis and now m adoptive mother knew too. She kissed the head of my cock and said âsweetheart I am so sorry, I canât fit that in my mouth or my pussy.â I said donât worry thatâs not needed. I went to leave after saying goodnight and as I made it to the door, she stated we could try anal sometime.
    I love my new family even though Iâm very different. I know Iâm not blood related. Theyâre all wonderful, beautiful and gifted folks. Lately though I feel like Iâve become a novelty item, and a sexual fantasy for all my family but one. Iâm not trying to ruin my new found place. Though, sexually I would love to be involved with my parents and older siblings and I feel the sexual tension rising. I know who I am and why Iâm not going to do, but what would you do in my situation?

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