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    There is no category for foolishness, so I am just putting this under the Men only category.

    I am 61 and I am a widower of my first wife. She died a couple of years ago. Down the street from me lived a young woman with two kids. She is 34 years old now. Her husband has a truck mechanic business and works on the other side of town. Because I was home following my wife's passing and she was home being a housewife we got to talking. Along came the question that got me in trouble. She asked me if I was lonely without my wife.

    Then came the confession, she hadn't had sex for a couple of years. Her husband had a girlfriend and he spent most of his time with her. They were talking divorce but he just didn't want to give up half his business, so he lived with the girl, fucked her and not his wife and she had to put up with it because she had no job skills and she had two kids. So, if I was lonely and she was lonely why not have sex together. She said it would be friends with benefits, she got laid and I got to fuck and she said she wanted to be fucked until it hurt.

    Generation thing, I had never heard a woman say those things, my wife never got undressed in the light. This woman took her breasts out and said 'fuck me'. Well I failed, I just could not get it up. She sucked and jerked and sucked and jerked and nothing. Then she bent over to pick up her panties that were on the floor and her wide open pussy and her asshole was right there, it was her asshole that gave me the hard on. So I fucked her and once I got started I had enough to fuck her hard, or so I thought.

    Now I don't want to belabor the point, but what turned me on was her asshole. I had never seen one up front like that, I never realized that women had hair growing around their asshole, or how close her asshole was to her vagina. Was she ashamed of her asshole? no. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her asshole, or lick it. She would lick my asshole if I licked her asshole, and she meant it. I ended up fucking her asshole. She had the lubes, she said her husband fucked her asshole all the time, before he got the girlfriend and she liked a hard dick but she wanted me lick her asshole too.

    Now you just don't lick a woman's asshole, at least not people my age. She took a shower in front of me, washed her pussy and asshole with soap and water, she got out of the shower, dried herself off and had me sit on her vanity bench and she bent over and told me to lick her asshole, I had fucked it so now I had to lick it. Stomach churning event, but I did it and the moment I got my mouth on her asshole I got a hard on. Once I got started I went for it and started to send my tongue down towards her vagina and she said stop and we went into the bedroom and she got on the bed and told me to lick her asshole and feel up her pussy and clit until she had an orgasm. After her orgasm she sucked my dick and she let me fuck her.

    One week of this, fucking every day, always something different, she had these nasty clips she clipped her nipples with or clipped her clit, she wanted her asshole fucked in plain daylight, she wanted to be naked all the time, prancing around with her tits swinging from side to side, she licked my asshole in the shower, she shoved a dildo up my ass with plenty of lube, but most of all she wanted to be fucked.

    I lost my head and she reached an agreement with her husband for the divorce, he kept the business but gave her the house and she was available to get married. She knew I had savings, and I owned my house and I had a rent house and I could always go back to work and she wanted to get married and those tits and that ass and her constant fucking and I married her against my daughter's wishes and here I am with a 34 year old that needs constant parenting, constant fucking, and constant cash control. The money she gets for child support is gone before she collects, she likes clothes and I have to say she dresses well and she buys things that should never be seen in public, crotchless panties, sex toys of all kinds, tubes of anal lube, diamonds and other jewelry and she comes to my office (I am working again) and spreads her legs so I can see her 'snatch'.

    My daughter dislikes her, my coworkers think she is hot, her husband is happy with his new wife, her kids seem to want to get along, I check to make sure she is taking her pills, the last thing I need at my age is for her to come up pregnant. But it is at night, when the kids are asleep upstairs that she takes a bath in the whirlpool tub, has me wash her pussy and asshole 'just right' and she walks naked to the bed and gets down on her elbows and raises her ass and lets me lick and kiss and finger and touch her asshole and pinch her clit and finger her pussy and if I can get to her fast enough I can fuck her asshole before she starts to tremble and shake. Of course. she knows enough to clamp my nipples with those nasty things of hers, before she gives me her asshole to fuck.

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    Good day, sir. May I offer an alternate opinion? Locking a woman's ass is beyond prevalent, at least these days. I'm certain. What a rush to do so
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    It's hard to turn away a woman who loves taking it up the ass. My current gf is one of those women, loves to have her ass pounded and it's always tight, well, not so much after I have drilled it for 20 mins, lol.

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