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    This goes back to when I was younger and I had a job as an accountant in a manufacturing shop. The boss was a man who had flown helicopters in Viet Nam and had been shot down. He lost his 'nut sack', and he got burned. He was a rough man and spent his day feeling up the staff. He took hormones and all but the truth was that he could hardly ever get it up and he had to content himself with a feeling up a girl.

    In any event, we had a new girl start, she was nineteen and he put her to work next to his office catching up on a lot of filing. He grabbed her and she wouldn't let him feel her up and they ended up on the floor and he tried really hard to fuck her but he just couldn't make it work. Don't ask me why but I felt sorry for him, he had no nuts, I went in and took his limp dick and put it in my mouth and started to suck him gently until he settled down and I managed to get him halfway up. Of course even with hormones he never really could cum so there was no danger of that, even if he did fuck you.

    The new girl sat on the floor and watched and I told her to get herself together and suck his dick, he couldn't fuck her. Everyone puts out to him, you're lucky you got your tits and ass and if it gives him a thrill you let him touch, and if he gets uppity like that just suck his dick and he will calm down. Truthfully I was saying things to her I had been thinking all along, I felt sorry for him, a man that could never fuck again.

    Years later I heard that he shot himself. I talked to a friend of mine, she was my age we were thirty five then and we went out to this Japanese Garden and stuck dildos up our pussy and masturbated under the moon. It was a crazy thing to do, laying there with a dildo in me looking up at the moon. I needed to get fucked and so did she so we went to this bar that had all types of guys and some not so nice women and we got picked up by a couple of guys and we went to an apartment and we got fucked by two guys we had never met and would never see again.

    I am an old woman now, I am in my sixties and I think about my boss from so long ago. Don't ask me why. He was all kinds of nasty feeling up the staff the way he did, grabbing ass, grabbing boobs, kissing women on the lips and from time to time like with that young file clerk, he got on a woman and tried to fuck. I sucked his dick because I knew it calmed him down. Even that clerk learned that getting felt up now and then wasn't that bad, he had strong hands and he sure knew how to grab your ass or feel up your boobs. And it felt good to suck his dick and let him at least enjoy that.

    Like I said it was a long time ago now, when I was young.

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    Well, why donât you suck my dick just for the hell of it. Or,if you like, you can feel sorry for me too.

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