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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Not sure how to start this off, my friend says I should start with a description of myself soo... I am a 28 6â1 fit and muscular white male, Iâm just over 9 3/8 inches long and about as thick as a soda can. I have soft facial features, Iâm clean cut and a professional gentleman. Iâm bisexual, I love sex, a lot. I love sex with women, love it a little bit more with men I love it the most with hung sissies and hung transsexuals. Nothing essentially is off limits aslong as the person is clean. Friends, co-workers, friends family, family, boss, teacher, gay or straight and everything in between, pregnant, your wife, his daughter, her husband. I am professional polite clean cut man who provides sexually for a broad range of people. Iâve been having sex since about the time I turned 15. I do most my work from home in a 4-6 hour time span, and it more than pays the bills and leaves me with a lot of free time. I have friends that Iâm there specifically around to please their sexual fantasies, Iâm a bull for another couple, I please my step mother and her friends regularly, I fuck other womenâs husbands to teach them a lesson, I fuck a local female cop in a bdsm manner when sheâs having a rough week. Some may think itâs a problem but Iâm happy this way, all the fun and then I can have my peace and quite and study my other passions when I go home alone. Though lately Iâve found myself having wandering thoughts. Iâm usually the one in control or running things when I help others with their sexual needs, Iâm usually the one fucking others. Occasionally I power bottom some of my favorites. Iâve lately become obsessed with sissies and passable cross dressers and (pre-op make to female) transsexuals. The transsexuals that are in estrogen, have great tits and ass, dress like a woman, have hair like a woman but still have their big ol cock. What fun that must be!
    Iâve found myself teased with the idea of dressing up with a woman and seeing what I can score, to finally have a big dick muscular male dominate me. To be tagged team by a bunch of fat cocks, to take multiple dicks at once and just be treated like a dirty docile slut. Iâm taken by the idea of have tits and longer hair, I already have a thick bubble butt, taken a guy home with him thinking Iâm a woman then fucking him and humiliating him in front of his wife. Then I think how lucky women are, with a pussy. They can physically enjoy sex more than I can as a guy, have harder, multiple longer organism and have all there holes tagged. I donât know, just a thought.
    What do you all think?

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