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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I dream and I wish...

    My dreams and wishes are both one in the same. The man who raised me.

    My father is a great man who has given his everything for me. See my father was a few months shy of 15 years old when he got my beautiful mother pregnant, she was a new 17 years old. Her and my father grew up together, lost their virginity together and early in the sexual exploration she became pregnant. Unfortunately during child birth my mother passed away. My father and I lived with his mother until she passed away when he was 22, leaving him some money behind. my father got a deal on a little tiny house on a few acres of land in nowhere, but still close enough to what family remains and a few hours from the beach. My dad works hard to provide a good living for us and still makes time for us to spend together. Heâs always coming up with smart and innovative ways to improve our living situation and save us money. He does well now and days, enough to where I could be home schooled. We have a very open and honest relationship and friendship, I guess you could say we are like most parent to child situation. We work together on a lot of things, discuss and debate, take care of one another, we donât keep secrets in our home. Though with have a child so young my father missed out a lot on his youth and when things worked out he was much for dating, whether it was his undying love for my mom or what, he tried at least. It saddens me at times when I see that rare look in his face when heâs thinking about life, heâs lonely. He will say things like how Iâm a mirror of my mother in every aspect, to include my long red and slightly blonde hair. Sometimes when heâs tired and turns the corner and sees me I see a glimmer in his eyes as imagine he may have use to look at my mom. We live very openly, part of our background and a part of how I push things to live more comfortably together. Iâm not ashamed to say that Iâve seen my beautiful father naked, and heâs seen me the same. I know he takes care of his needs as I take care of mine. He asks when I will start dating boys for my homeschool groups, I donât know if itâs fear of me being with a guy or moving on and him being lonely but truth be told I donât find any of them interesting because my father is the only man I want in my life. There are so many nights l, especially now where I find myself having sensual and intimate thoughts of my father and I. The idea makes me happy because no one knows him better than I and I could very well make him happy. I would love to make him happy. My dream and wish is to become my fathers lover and partner, no to procreate. I know he is a good man, conservative in nature. He is a beautiful man, and after having seen him naked I have no doubt he could easily please a variety of women. I know that there is some spark in him towards me. Iâve caused him to have tall standing erections. I want him so badly, I want us, I want to make beautiful and extraordinary love to him multiple times a day. My problem is I donât know how to even approach the subject. I wish I had the key to seduce him.

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