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    Straight Male / 43

    Being betrayed multiple times has erased the baseline of relationship righteousness. Where I once would never interfere in another relationship, even when blatantly propositioned, I now don't consider it. I don't pursue married women, but I have come to recognize that even mild flirting is an open door to intense sex if wanted. I've had a discreet affair with a neighbor for about 4 months now, and truth be told, it's incredible. She longs intimacy, and as horny as we both are, anything goes. Never have I felt such reciprocal passion as the first day I waved her over as she got home from the gym, invited her inside, then leaned her over the arm of my sofa, peeled down her spandex shorts, and undoubtedly embarrassed her with the obscenity of devouring her swampy backside with abandon. I sensed the shock and apprehensionsion and ignored it, then felt the change in demeanor as she recognized the intense desire that led me to such an act, the hunger of my licking, slurping, swallowing. I've never been so passionately fucked as right after that. Things changed between us that day.

    Before her, with much less regard, I had an affair with a clingy married woman, sadly void of any affection in her marriage, but also with an air of "men suck" that was as irritating as the stories about her asshole husband. We got drunk one Thursday happy hour and after venting, she said she just wanted to fuck me out of spite. We fucked, and my dozen beers helped along the wide decision to feed her spite, to abruptly stand up and rip off my condom, then contribute to her spiteful act by telling her she could go home to him with another man's semen in her vagina. She loved it, and fucked me harder, and there was an incredible rush from the irresponsibility of burying myself as deep as I could go and blasting away. It wasn't a conquest, but there's no denying the "fuck you, human relationships" as I spewed fuel on yet another failing marriage. For 2 months this went on, and when drunk we exclaimed the spite as semen flooded womb. I'm glad I don't have a child with her as a result (can't believe it didn't happen given how many times my bare shaft basted in her vagina, flexing and exploding with no barrier.) Doing this brought me in touch with the self-destructive nature of humans. The "fuck it and everyone" that makes us all do stupid shut, on a small and a societal scale (see electing a baboon as president)

    Writing this has me wanting to call her again, to indiscriminately ejaculate inside her. Can't say I'm proud of the lack of filter, but I sure do have sick sex that neither of their husbands do (with their wives, at least. )

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    Baboon as President? You must be referring to, Ovomit.
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    Pretty sure that applies to the champion of Molecules of Freedom. People are so freaking stupid.
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    Molecules of Freeedom! I commend you Sir.

    Yes, this kleptocratic russian exercise in baboonery has been liberating- freeing the U.S. government from reason, intellect, and global leadership. Are we winning yet? We're winning, right?!
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    Better not bring politics in sex and fucking FUCK of willing women!!

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