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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I used to live in an isolated farmhouse in Australia. I was always got intrigued with watching horses, sheep and dogs mating when I was 19 yrs or so old. And here was a girl, Avril, aged hardly 11 who used to visit us mostly on weekends when most farm-hands were on holiday and often my parents were away for sometime visiting their friends or relatives. We used to watch animals mating and gradually she got interested in the act - particularly when dogs were knotted with bitches. We used to spend hours in this show - she closely leaning against me body and I stroking her body. Gradually over the months, I started to feel her through her panties. She did relented easily and I introduced her to fucking scenes in porn magazines that I stole from my parents' hidden collection. I started to finger her when she was about 12. I must say that I was quite mature sexually at my age and was in no rush to have sex with her, rather I wanted to see her getting prepared until she asks for it! During the following 2 years, we started to explore each otters bodies. And engaged in fondling, petting and kissing but short of fucking her. Using lube I was able to dilated her pussy opening by an inch and soon I realized that her hymen was already torn for some reasons best known to her. I taught her how to give bj when she was 13 and her boobs were just budding, nips still undeveloped. She willingly asked her pussy to be sucked as she saw in the porn magazine. I obliged her while stroking her small tits. She had her first orgasms through it and later would ask for more. It was an Easter holidays from school for both of us. We were at the barn, sitting on a hay stack watching a ram and ewe were at each other - and then started fucking. His strong shiny cock entered smoothly in the ewe's c**t. Avril clutched one of my hands and drew it to her boobs pussy while I was fingering her. Her juice was almost flowing. I sucked on her pussy for a brief time when she took off her panties. She turned me around to my back and just rode on my hard throbbing cock. With little obstruction it slid smoothly into her. She was in frenzy and started bouncing on my cock and was having her first fuck in her life!! She soon reached her climax and I could not hold myself any longer as her pussy spasmed, and came in gushes. We had more sessions after this incident till she went to her college elsewhere. But we used to meet whenever she came home and had nice time.

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    I used to lick a 12 yr old girl to orgasm when I was 15 she used to suck my cock & swallow but I never fucked her. Pushed my cock against her virgin arsehole & came but never had her bumhole. licked it a few times. She was hot

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