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    Something I discovered,
    I have been married six years, my husband has a night out once a month with his best friend, they arrive home late when ime in bed, I leave them some sandwiches for supper, I herd them arrive I dozed off and my husband wasn't in bed he sometimes falls asleep so I went down stairs, what I saw was my husband with his pants and underpants down to his ankles his friend was kneeling between his legs sucking his dick, I hear him whispering take your time make it last I don't want to cum yet, I was stirred by what I saw I am no prude, I was asking myself what I wasn't doing right I felt it was an insult him preferring his friend to suck him off, I do deep throat and swallow his spunk, I was upset and insulted I suppose its not as bad as anal penetration, I am at a loss as to what to do,

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    I suggest learning from the best. Like it or not, men are better cocksuckerss the same as women eat pussy better, by and large.
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    It is possible the real turn on for your hubby is the hidden taboo of the act. That is his kink you can't fulfill.
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    Only a man knows and understands what another mans cock needs, women don't know because they don't have a cock, you are obviously doing something wrong
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    Would you join them?
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    To No4 from author
    I do fantasise about me and his best friend taking turns sucking his dick, and me sucking his friends dick at the same time
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    In response to the Original Poster. Join them! Suck both of their cocks! I'd love to have a wife who would join me for a MFM threesome! Its always been a fantasy of mine to do a threesome with another guy and a girl. I would love to lick my woman's ass while she rides the other guys cock. And to watch my wife from just inches away as she sucks the other guys cock, and have her to stop, and lean over and French kiss me every few minutes while she's sucking him off. Even after he cum's in her mouth! Talk to him. Tell him what you saw, and that it turned you on beyond anything you've ever seen. Tell him you want to join them for a threesome. Let us know how it goes.
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    He came home and had his friend suck his cock right there in your living room. If he didn't want you to catch him, why didn't they go to his friends house? Or why not just get a blowjob in the car before he came home? I think "Maybe" he wants you to catch him in the act. Maybe he would like a threesome with you and his friend, but doesn't know how to broach the subject. Maybe his friend wants you suck his cock and fuck him. Most likely they have discussed this with each other. Tell him you came down to check on him, and saw his friend sucking his cock, and that you were turned on and would like to join. Bring it up during sex, when he's already turned on. Inhibitions are lower at this point. Ask him if you are as good at sucking cock as his friend. Tell him that you want to suck both of their cocks for them. See where it goes.
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    I response to comment 7, may be your right, he doesn't want to suggest a threesome to me,
    I have since been fantasizing about being spit roasted two cocks at once, I must add he told me he has shown nude photos of me to his friend, it did turn me on,
    I can understand them cock sucking, I have had same sex relationships in the past all girls drunken partying, but that's in the past but its still there I still go wet thinking about them. if the opportunity came I suppose I would go for it, if anybody is going to suggest a threesome its going to be me maybe,
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    So he knows that you know about his friend sucking his cock? If he's showing nudes to his friend, it sounds like you are the subject of some serious plans. I think the friend wants to fuck you, and hubby wants him to fuck you. I don't see any jealousy issues since they are going at it themselves. I would wager that hubby has sucked his friends cock also. You need to get the ball rolling babe. Sounds to me like the three of you could be having some great sex together. Be sure to keep reassuring him that you're cool with the two of them sucking each other. Tell him you've never been so turned on. Let us know how it goes. Good luck. ;p
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    He is not getting enough from you .... Try to take some pics to confront him later. You may also think of having a 3-some relationship with this friend of your husband, why not pay him on the same coin?

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