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    Straight Female / 22

    My husband and I started a steady relationship in high school. We agreed no intercourses until we could get married. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have non intercourse sex. After a date I would have him drained and I would have had several orgasms. We would get undressed and kiss, fondle and play with each other’s body. I would swallow his load often. He was easy to get to a climax. He still is quick. I have been thumbed and fingered many times. My husband is the best at going down on me. I cheated with my husband’s best friend. They played high school sports together. He was the star player in all the sports. A big strong well built athletic type. He was also well endowed. One night after church I was talking to his best friend my future husband wasn’t there. His girlfriend wasn’t with us either. I made the mistake of getting in his truck with him. We drove to the school parking lot. He shared we need to kiss someone different and it advance from that point. While I kissed him he started squeezing my breast. He wanted to see them because I was bigger than his girlfriend. He sucked them and even put a hickie on me. I was full of lust at this time so when he put his hand up my dress and started fingering me I spread my legs. He gave me an orgasm like my boyfriend. He pulled my panties off. I thought he was getting in position to go down on me. I probably wouldn’t have stopped if I knew but he was entering me before I knew he was going to go all the way with me. I had never orgasmed like I got when he had entered me. He came inside me and kept going and came inside me again. I was lucky it was a safe time to not get pregnant. I really felt quilty I went all the way with someone other than my boyfriend first. My boyfriend was working to make money for us to go out on dates and I had sex with his best friend. I was terrible. My boyfriend was working a lot of hours and I would be having sex with his best friend. We used condum or he pulled out and cum on top of me. His parents were gone often so I would go over and we had sex in his bed. I felt his best friend cum inside probably 20 times before I tricked my future husband to go all the way with me. After high school we married and his friend played college sports. We haven’t seen him much since high school graduation. When we cross paths he greets us with hugs and smiles. His friend and I have a special smile because we know what intense sex we had. He did quietly tell me one time I have been the best sex he ever had. I live with the betrayal.

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    The infidelity game runs rampant. Rest assured, your husband has slept with you in your marital bed with his dick marinating in another woman's vaginal fluids.
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    You are a good hole to unload in. A teen wants that

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