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    Straight Male / 27

    My sister's friend caught me jerking off while smelling her sneaker when I was 15. The internet exposed me to all kinds of shit when puberty hit, and I was obsessed with this girl. When I smelled her socks and panties the first time, it was like doing a drug, just so incredible. I came a TON whenever I had that chance, but then she caught me. I thought I was dead, but she was cool and nice about it. Of course, that made me think she might want to hook up, but that didn't happen. It wasn't until I was 20 that I got to actually suck a girl's toes. It's great when your girl likes it. And sometimes the scent is arousing as smelling her vagina.

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    Plastic high heels they wear all day long awesome 3 day in a row socks she wore God awesome I know too well I love that you got caught did when watch ? I want a girl to watch But I want her panties on me too

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