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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 37

    It's crazy how things in childhood shape the older years in your life. I was friends with a girl on my block since we started school, and we would play (not sexually) all the time. In third grade, she figured out that she liked having her feet played with, and I didn't really think much of doing so when she asked. It really was innocent, and we would both laugh if she warned that they were sweaty or whatever. I remember a couple of times that she wasn't wearing socks under her shoes and they smelled so I didn't touch them much. I did take a close sniff, though, and it was both gross and weird. Fast forward to adulthood and some women's sweaty feet make me crazy, maybe in tights right out of boots, out of tennis shoes, or bare in dress shoes. The infatuation has to tie back to then. Too bad that didn't continue into puberty when arousal took center stage.

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