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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 22

    Within two weeks of our neighbors moving in, I was fucking his wife and she was begging me each day to call over for sex. John is a huge guy with what is supposed to be a large cock. His wife Andrea who's half Greek and stunning, loves cock and loves to be fucked. However she tells me her husbands penis remains hard for only a brief time and often she's not orgasmed by the time he's cum. Welcoming her to the neighborhood after their first week, she asked me to call by the following day to have a coffee. Only when she said it, she bent right over and flashed me the most perfect pussy and ass. I realized she had no panties on, so when she rose up and said "Be knocking about ten am, he'll be at work by then". I knew exactly what she meant. I swear by five minutes past ten the following day, I had my cock down Andrea's throat and was face fucking her. maybe ten minutes after that, I had my face between her long slender legs and was tonguing the most delicious pussy and asshole. With my cock pulsing and hard as granite, Andrea was going to try and mount my dick, but I asked her if she was on birth control. Telling me she couldn't have kids, and that she was 'clean' I let her sink down over me. Only she chose to have my dick up her asshole.
    For almost half an hour and changing position a few times, I fucked her pussy and asshole making her orgasm five times. Ready to cum myself, my neighbors wife told me she liked it on her tits. Withdrawing from her ass, I stood above Andrea, tossed my cock a few times and came all over her tits, face and hair. Smiling up at me, she said "You'd better be saving that cum for me from now on".
    And so I have over the last eighteen months. John has no idea whatsoever that his wife, the woman he professes all the time is faithful to him, is being fucked by a guy nearly ten years younger than his wife. He also doesn't know and it's Andrea who's told me this, is often over the past eighteen months, she not cleaned off my cum from her pussy and ass before having her husband go down on her after he's gotten home.
    There must be thousands and thousands of unsatisfied married women out there. And now I've fucked one, I think I'm going to try and fuck many many more.

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