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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Over the last five months I've been visiting my dads workplace when he thinks I'm at college. It's because five months ago I found out he and some other people at his workplace, were possibly going to be made redundant. Knowing his bosses desires towards me previously, I called by and told him that my mom and our family desperately needed my fathers wage. We worked out a plan to move my dad's position in the company and save his job. The price I've paid for that, is taking my dad's bosses cock down my throat and deep up my asshole as much as five times a week (usually three times a week).
    We more often than not meet on the south side of the large industrial site, where there are a few sheds and a storage container. My fathers boss has equipped one of the sheds with boxes and a relatively new mattress, and the container with a sofa bed.
    I'm never there for more than an hour, and often only there for as long as it takes for me to suck him off, or receive his copious amounts of cum up my asshole. He always fucks me bareback and he always dumps his load down my throat making me swallow it, or deep inside my bowels.
    At first it was a kind of a chore to help my family. Now I love having him fuck me, just as much as he obviously loves fucking a young guy like me. After all I now get a 'Wage" too, every Friday afternoon in an envelope. That and a damn good fucking each day he wants and needs my ass.

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    How old is your dads boss? And how big is it?

    Ive took my dads bossâ Dick for 8 years now. Heâs 67 now and has a 6â dick thatâs quite thick. He always wears a condom as he has sex with his wife at home but I start blowing him to help keep my dad working. Construction has slowed down here. At first Iâd blow him and swallow his load. But after a year of doing that once or twice a week he told me my ass is gonna have to start putting out. His old shaved dick hurt going in! I was a virgin. I was so tight he came in less then 3 minutes. Ever since then he fucks my ass two to six times a week. We have sex in his pole barn that is 20 miles from his house. The pole barn is close to me. He has a loft with a tv area and restroom. Plus a little bedroom. He always has flushed the condom so his wife doesnât find out
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    I have sex with my mom's boss and she's gotten raises too!
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    College boys are the best! I've fucked over 100, ALL bareback

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