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    Straight Male / 26

    My first smell and taste of pussy came from my sister's panties. I was 13 and she was 19, commuting from home to local college. I was exposed to porn early on an had early desires, certainly beyond the realm of normal. Given the chance I might have even had sex with her.

    I can't say I'm at all proud of the creepy world of fishing through my sister's laundry, but I sure don't regret having the taste of panty crotch melting into my tongue. No harm, she didn't know. And now I love eating out my lovers.

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    How the hell did she never notice. Surely she must have click .
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    What is so obvious about that to make her notice? 'Hmm, I'd better do a saliva swab test on my panties to see if they've been sucked in my hamper.'
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    I stole a pair of my older Sisters panties. I used to jerk off and come in them all the time. They got pretty crusty. Eventually she let me start fucking her regularly in our 40's and now in our 60's we still do it. Both married over 35 years too!8

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