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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    We moved because of my work/business commitments and to be closer to my wife's parents. The move meant for practicle and for sporting reasons, that I changed my golf club. After being at the club around three months, one of the members asked me as we were playing a round, how things were going after the move. I told him business was good and my wife seemed happy enough being close to her mum and dad. Not meaning to, I also added in an offhand way "Pity, she doesn't keep me happy". Before the words had chance to focus in his mind, I already regretted saying it, but I had said it and the response I got wasn't exactly what I expected.

    "If she's not keeping your pecker happy, I'm sure Jay will". I'd heard of Jay, a young man who's not afraid to show his gay side, even on a golf course. Jokingly, and I was kidding, I told my golf partner "Maybe I should let him blow me".

    The following Friday afternoon, I was practicing close the chipping area. Hearing my name being spoken, I turned to see Jay walking over with a huge smile on his face. He said he'd been looking for me for a few days and if I wasn't busy, could I join him down by the eleventh green. Asking him why, but knowing the answer before he said anything, he replied "To improve your shaft control".

    At that point I could have ended any chance of us having any form of gay sex. At that point I should have been thinking of my wife and our marriage. Yet all I could think about was having a hot mouth sucking on my cock, and my dick was already telling me to say ok.

    The eleventh is at the far end of the course. There is a short cut if you walk through the tree's and down past the stream. Taking only my putter, wedge and a few balls I let Jay lead the way. Half way through the tree's he halted, turned around and asked me if I'd show him just much work my ball control needed. Not able to hold off any longer, I lowered my trousers and boxers and out sprang my hard on.

    I'm no Adonis, nor do I have a huge cock. But it is seven inches and fairly thick. Jay took one look, walked over and kneeling down sucked in my entire length. It had been nearly a year since I'd had a blow job, something my wife only did when I almost forced her to. There was no need to force Jay as he couldn't get my cock down his throat quick enough. On and on he sucked away on my dick, making me shake with desire and a growing feeling of needing to cum. Leaning against a tree, I took hold of his head and began to fuck his mouth and I guess he understood I was about to blow. Releasing my dick, he said "Not yet" and stood up. Not saying anything he walked on and I had to hurry to put my cock away and catch up. By the time I did we were at the eleventh green.

    Knowing there wasn't anyone else on the course at that time, I let Jay guide me to the far side of the green. Having hit a few balls into the tree and bush line there, I knew there was a weather hut to one side. It was in there that Jay stripped off naked. Now knowing him, I now understand he loves to be fucked naked and he loves being fucked outdoors. Moving out of the hut, he asked me to release my cock and not to cum, yet. Sucking on my dick for the second time in a matter of minutes, my cock was still semi hard. When it began pulsing in his mouth, Jay stood up leaned over the hand rail outside the hut, turned his head and said "Fuck me as hard as you like".

    I'm supposed to say how difficult it was to engage sexually with a guy. How I'd not thought about gay sex before and how repulsive I'd once thought of it. The second two would be correct, but seeing his little puckered hole staring back at me as he spread his arse cheeks, I moved into him, spat on his arsehole and my cock and pressed the head of my dick to his fuck hole.

    With a popping sound, my dick entered his arsehole and I literally went for it. No sooner had my cock slid all the way up his hole, I gripped his hips, pulled him onto me and fucked that kid for all I was worth. It had been an eternity it seemed since I'd fucked my wife and in those minutes of primal lust I had with Jay, I took out all of my sexual frustrations up his shit box, and fucking loved every second of it.

    I'm unsure to how long I fucked him for. What I do know is he came well before I did, spunking all over the leaf littered floor. then as he was shaking still and telling me how "Bad" I was as a married man fucking a seventeen year old lad, my orgasm rose and my cock burst up his shit pipe.

    I'd never cum like that before. An orgasm where you just carry on cumming even though you know there's no fluid left to shoot out. Still with my cock up his arsehole, I held Jay tight to me, turned his head and kissed him. It was done purely on a level of sexual gratification, but I knew that probably more than fucking him, meant I'd be back for more and he knew it too.

    The very next day we repeated my eleventh green fuck. Only on that occasion we were disturbed by a two ball passing through. We were lucky they didn't want to use the hut or nearby for a pee, but I was pretty sure they didn't know we were there. Again I fucked Jay from behind and again the sex was amazing. When I came in him, instead of us getting cleaned up and leaving, we moved out of the hut, sat in the tee line and I allowed him to suck on my still cum coated cock. I became erect pretty quickly and then lay back as Jay mounted me. His little cock was bobbing up and down as he fucked me and I couldn't stop thinking of how weird it all seemed. I came again filling his arsehole and made Jay's cock dribble out another orgasm.

    Nothing has been said by the gent who mentioned Jay to me, over the last fourteen months I've been fucking him. He's nearly nineteen now and still adores me screwing that tight boy pussy of his. My wife I suspect, knows that I'm getting my sexual relief from somewhere else, as I'm a more relaxed person these days. I doubt she'd think it would be a young man, but then I also doubt she'd give a shit.

    There has been a new situation arise recently. Something I never thought would happen with me. But then I never thought I'd fuck Jay. That situation happened on a golfing weekend away. I shared a room with another member, a guy only two years younger than me. It appears he enjoys having his married arsehole fucked, something we did on both nights away. It's for another confession, but I will say the sex was in a way much more involved as we kissed a whole lot more. And he had me fucking him the second night in many many different positions, well into the early hours.

    Thank you for reading my confession. One I hope will educate some of the fact, you never know in life just what is around the corner. So enjoy what you can, while you can.

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    That was a hot story, It made my cock rock hard
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    The perfect age. Nothing like a barely legal dudes ass to cum in!

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