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    Straight Female / 31

    After a drunken night with some girlfriends recently, my husband wanted to fuck me when I got in. It had been a while, but I sucked his dick, then knelt as he fucked me doggy style making me orgasm twice. When he came up my pussy, he cried out a name, but not my name. He cried out "Frank".
    He made light of it, but I knew it wasn't a mistake. How I knew, is months before I saw Frank fucking my husband on his couch. They were both naked and Frank was hammering away at my husband's asshole, until I witnessed him cum inside the man I'd married.
    The reason I didn't say anything then or since, not until the night my husband fucked my drunken self, is because Frank just so happens to be my sixty two year old father.
    With my husband's cum leaking out of my pussy, I told him what I saw and what I believed had been going on for some time. When he asked me why I hadn't said anything until then, I replied "Because I was waiting for you to find out I've been having sex with Tom".
    My husband's face lit up as he whistled, then said "Well fuck me".
    Tom is my husband's uncle. He's an extremely virile man and his cock is huge. He's also a business partner of my father's and had been a long time admirer of mine. When I saw my father fucking my husband that afternoon, I took solace of a kind in Tom's bed. And he's been fucking me ever since.
    Only my husband and I know the whole truth, and we aim to keep it that way for a while at least. I genuinely don't mind that my husband enjoys being fucked by my dad, as I knew already my father was bisexual and lonely after my mom died.
    My husband is a little more interested in what Tom and I get upto, mainly because he thinks his uncle might be bisexual too. That's not the case I can tell you. Mind you Tom does love fucking my asshole.

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    Ah, no.
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    Now this story should end with Tom fucking both Frank and your husband.
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    Highest complements to you ,hubby and your Dad. Must be A wonderful turn on to see the cock that made you in your husbands mouth and ass/pussy. Wish I was in his place.
    Nothing like keep cock and cum [ lots of it] in the family
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    An excellent arrangement of consensual sexual relationship within the safety of home. Go and keep on enjoying the sex of mature males and give them your pussy at their utmost pleasure.

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