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    Straight Male / 38

    Ladies, I am curious...

    Whenever I go to the grocery store or the hardware store on the weekends I notice a lot of lovely ladies dressed sexy. I know people dress comfortable and yoga pants and tight thin t shirts as it gets warmer is probably easiest.

    My questions:

    Do you find yourself dressing this way to have a guy interested in you? Maybe talk to you or hit on you?

    If a guy showed interest in you at a store, how would you like to be approached? Or would you prefer they just look, but that's it, just stay to themselves?

    Would you ever let yourself get picked up at a store and have sex with someone you just met? If so, what was the approach that worked?

    A couple of women I've seen lately, one had huge boobs and a skin tight shirt that showed them off. Another a sheer shirt and a thin bra, you could pretty much see her nipples clearly as they poked out. I would have loved to spent "time" with both, they were hot and sexy.

    Just curious. Thanks for reading....

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    lol, from a almost 60 year old male, I think the majority of women who are looking for that will be the one making the first move.
    Not you.
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    I agree with OP, I see women dressed provocatively in stores where men shop all the time. Makes me wonder too.

    #1: Plenty of women do not and will not make the first move. Maybe the ones you are around...
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    I agree with OP. I find it amazing how many women I see during the day hat stores like Home Depot for the supermarket are dressed to impress. It's easy for me to start up a conversation and it's amazing a flirtatious some of these women really are. As a matter of fact, last night, as I was watering my lawn, a woman walked by who was in a noticeably tight t-shirt. As she approached, I mentioned that it was a nice night, if the next 20 minutes we chatted. She was in her sixties and I'm in my 50s, and the conversation was very comfortable. She caught me looking at her tits several times. They are so large it was unavoidable. She left saying that she wanted me to stop by her house anytime. We'll see how it goes.
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    No we dont
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    No, I would not approach first but definitely I dress like this to draw men's attention. I am in my mid-40s, a bit chubby with ample boobs and broad ass. My dress up reveals my assets to inquisitive eyes, no doubt! Yes, I should be frank, I am looking for if anyone shows interest in me, M or F does not matter, for short or long term relationship. It did work in recent years and I have couple of short term relationships with both older and younger persons, and one looks like longer term with a 65 yo handsome man. Let's see what happens.

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