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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    Of course this is all bad and terrible but when I was growing up my grandmother had a friend that came to visit and he would grab me and hold me and rub my little butt. He would squeeze my cheeks with his hand and kiss my mouth. One day he looked down my pants and told me I had a cute cholita. I sat on his lap and many times he was hard and I felt his hard dick under my butt, he would grab and pinch my little tits and kiss my cheek and neck and then feel me up and rub my pussy real fast with his two fingers.

    I saw him fuck my grandma. She was angry about something and he told her to shut up and walked her to the room and pushed her on the bed. She probably didn't want to fuck so he spanked her rear end real hard, it was a loud smack and he lowered her panties and she stayed on her elbows and knees and he fucked her. My grandma told me he was an idiota but she must have liked it.

    About when I was in puberty and my pubes had taken over my pussy, he spread me out on the bed and he licked my hole. Don't tell my grandma. I sucked his dick. I never said anything to grandma. He never fucked me but if he had I would have just laid back and taken it. The guy that did fuck me was a kid from high school and he didn't know how to kiss or grab my tits. Maybe that is why I always like older men. My old man is 22 years older than me and he knows what to do, he knows how to get my feelings going.

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    Yep, the family friend strikes again. Happened to me, too, but he didn't wait for puberty to lick me. Happened a handful of times, and he would always say "feels great, huh?" It was more weird than anything. I mean I guess it felt good but he was all creepy about it, like trying to convince me what I liked, etc, I have wondered at times if I would have really liked it if he wasn't such a gross creepo.
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    My step UNCLE was the one for me. I was just turned 13 when he came to stay with mom and me. He was doing remodeling for her. It's been about 3 years last time here. Was with us just over a year then. He would come in my room after mom went to sleep and take off my jammies suck on my nipples as my tits were all but non existence. Now I'm big enough and I let him fuck me after mom is asleep.

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