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    Straight Female / 27

    I wish, I wish I could find a man to have a serious relationship , maybe to settle down and probably marry one day to a kind man who will love me and cherish me.I am sick of loneliness not because I can't find a man, because I can't find the right one. So I decided to stay single until I will find Mr, Perfect. It is very hard to find a serious man, a family guy who knows to take care of her woman and stay faithful to her, to be not a cheater or a liar. That man may never exist I might never find him but I will keep looking for him , if there any sign that I will find him someday I will be very grateful.

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    I m here sent your email m single too
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    I can tell you have the same problem then many young ladies have, they have a long laundry list of criteria about what makes mr. Perfect. Much of this criteria is based on Primal instincts ones that are very strong in young people. Your instincts tell you that you want a big super good-looking man with a jaw like an anvil haha, who is a good earner, is very aggressive and kind of a cocky prick everybody else... except of course to you, to you he must be sweet as honey. An alpha male. The problem is that many of these so-called alpha males are great at first and then they turn out to be just the asshole you didn't want. So if you meet a guy who has a twinkle in his eye for you but he is not quite Tatum Channing, give the guy a chance he might just surprise you and end up being much more of a man than a lot of these so-called alpha males. In the meantime calm down, stop overthinking it and being so damn needy because whether you believe it or not that shit shows and it's very unattractive. Find a fuck buddy to have sex with to take the edge off a little bit, I'm sure there are at least a few guys that you see very often who you know would love to get into your pants, stop being so serious and fuck the guy already, just make sure that he knows that's all it is, he'll be cool with it.
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    No, I think you misunderstood the whole situation.I don't need a guy with perfect looks, six pack abs, a tanned body and deep blue eyes this must be somebody else fantasy man.
    I am looking more for a smart sensitive guy but also manly because I don't like a superficial guy with no emotions.
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    They are out there. I'm one of them, looking to find my perfect woman. I've been cheated on so I'm guard is always up and I think that makes things harder

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