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    Straight Female / 21

    I didnât hit puberty until I was 16, I know itâs really late, I got my first period, my body in general began to change my hips filled out and my boobs started to grow. All my classmates in school had been getting periods and boobs since 12/13 so as you can imagine as a 16 year old with no tits and no sign of a period I was in a bad place, I felt inadequate and just like I was never going to become a woman,none of the boys in my class fancied me or even talked to me, why would they I looked like a boy, the girls all thought I was weird so they didnât really want me around so I just kept to myself..

    It was just before we finished up for summer holidays when I was in the bathroom at school and I finally got my period, I felt like celebrating and even throwing a party.. we had three months summer holiday from school and everything changed over those three months, once my period arrived the body began to change, in the space of about two months Iâd gone from no tits at all to a C cup, and a flat ass to now having quiet a perky bum. Hair started to grown under my armpits, on my legs and my vagina and my horny teenage mind became alive and kicking. During the three month holidays if I wasnât at the gym the only other place Iâd be would be at home, masturbating and more than likely exploring my naked body and itâs functions.

    I went back to school that September a different girl, and now more than ever feeling like a woman. Everything switched up, my uniform was now so tight that it looked like it was pained on, my ass and tits barely kept hid under the stitching, Iâd got blonde highlights in my hair and had started wearing make up, the innocent girl whoâd left the school three months previous was well and truly gone, but this confident, sexy and powerful woman was back to take her place. Although spending a lot of time pleasuring myself Iâd yet stuck to considering even getting with another guy, I had spent most of my summer days at the gym in very revealing sports wear which hugged me in all the right places teasing all the guys at the gym, purposely bending over in front of them, making sure my pants were so rode up into my vagina I had a camel toe but mainly not wearing a bra so the material off the sports bra would drive my newly sensitive nipples crazy.

    It was my final year in this school before moving so I couldnât have been happier to walk around there like I owned it, after so many years of fading away in the background I now held my head high and strutted around like I was a Victoria Secret model and of course that didnât come without the giggles, sneers and bad remarks but those things didnât bother me anymore, I was so happy and confident within myself nothing could take me down. Initially before returning to school I did think Iâd go in and make lots of friends but as soon as I got there I realized I didnât want to be friends with any of the people whoâd made my younger life hell so I just kept to myself as per. Although anywhere I went I was cat called, whistled or even just laughed at, all just adding to my own self confidence though so not to worry.

    I couldnât take it anymore, donât get me wrong I loved masturbating, watching porn and making myself cum but I needed more, I needed a mans touch and I needed to see, feel and suck a cock but I didnât really know how to go about it, obviously I was never going to get with any of the guys from school, they were all losers and not my type at all, even though I wasnât sure what my type really was I knew one thing for sure and that was that I was into older guys, not even teenagers, late twenties and thirties, something about their hairy masculine bodies turned me on so much and even my porn choices were stepdad/daughter scenes, Iâm not into i****t or anything like that but I just loved watching an older man fuck a younger girl.

    One morning Iâd woken up so horny, I made myself cum numerous times but to no avail, I was still so horny I knew I needed something more than my own fingers. After getting out of bed I knew the only way to relieve myself of all the tension without actually having sex would be to go work out. When I arrived at my gym I seen a big notice on the door saying they were closed for three days for renovations, as I was walking away one of the trainer who worked there Katie was on the way in and explained to me there was a gym in the hotel across the road, you could pay as you go. Of course as Iâm strolling through the lobby of the hotel I realize how underdressed I am, itâs a 5 star hotel and Iâm stood here in a sports bra which my now DD boobs poured out either side and the matching bottoms which Iâd cut into shorts barely covered my pussy lips and my ass cheeks spilled out either side at the back.

    The gym was in the basement of the hotel and it was absolutely huge, Iâd never seen a gym as big, and there wasnât one single person in there only me. After about 10 minutes of doing squats I caught a glimpse in the mirror of a man sat at the opposite side of the room just staring at me, my pussy became instantly wet. Making sure not to see him or actually look at him I continued to work out with him thinking I didnât know he was there, but in reality I was making sure with every exercise he could see my every move.

    After about an hour of working out I couldnât take it anymore, my pussy was dripping wet thankfully my pants were dark in color or Iâm pretty sure it would have looked like Iâd pissed myself, my nipples like rocks poking through my baby blue sports bra. Iâd never been so horny or wet in my whole life, I decided to finish up on my workout and stretch a bit. I went to the middle of the room to where the yoga mats laid, I began to stretch but cautiously as I knew I was the closest to this man Iâd been in the last hour heâs been watching me. It was harder for me to even look at him now as he was so close but as I turned to stretch right leg I caught a glimpse of him with his dick is his hand jerking it. Holy shit, I couldnât really make it out but from what Iâve seen it looked huge, I couldnât even make out his face from here.

    I turned it up a notch and brought some heat to it, I laid flat out on my back and with both my hands I started pinching and tweaking at both my nipples, the jolts of pleasure going through my body at that moment felt like electricity, I couldnât help the whimpers escaping my mouth. Before long one hand was down at my pussy and it was soaked, there I was pinching my nipples and playing with my pussy lips and clit through my Lycra cut up booty shorts. I hadnât opened my eyes in a few moments but when I finally did I was greeted by two big chunky hairy legs and a huge dick poked through grey shorts, I couldnât make out his face as my vision was blurred but I did hear him mutter in a deep voice âroom 304, and he walked away, I still hadnât seen his face but I could see his back muscles poking through his tight T-shirt as he walked away from me.

    Getting to my feet after putting on that little show was a struggle, my legs were still trembling and electricity still felt like it was shooting through my body. Once I was in the locker room I had to decide so I just head home or do I follow that man to room 304. Obviously there was only one thing I was going to do and within in seconds I was in the elevator and on the way to floor 3. My heart pounded through my chest which felt tight, by this time my pussy was leaking juices, I could feel it running down my legs and I was never as turned on my life. The closer I got to room 304 the more of a pulse beater through my pussy.

    I knocked on the door which was quickly followed by a stern âitâs openâ, I opened the door and was greeted by the site of a fully grown naked man possibly in his late 30âs, early 40âs, he looked edible. Muscles protruded through his entire body and his dick stood straight up from his body, it was massive, I could make out all his body hair and I couldnât wait to touch it. I stood at the door which Iâd closed behind me. âRemove your clothes and come over hereâ, I didnât answer or even look up at him I just started to remove my clothes, first I removed my sports bra over my head and left my perky tits fall into place on my chest, I then teasingly rubbed my hands past my boobs a abs and clasped them between my shorts, slowing sliding them off and bending over as seductively as I could while still not making eye contact with him even though I could feel his eyes burning through me.

    Once I was naked I was ordered to sit on the arm chair straight across from him on the bed and pleasure myself, âyour a very naughty little girl are you?â He said to me as my fingers invaded my pussy infront on him, before I knew it Iâd replied âyes sirâ and I now had three fingers inside me and my other hand hovered over my clit, my moans were getting deeper and I was now grunting through the pleasure. âTurn around and show me some assâ, again not replying just following command I put both my knees on the chair and placed myself on it with my ass cocked in the air, âpull your cheeks apartâ, his voice was so stern and deep I was nearly taking orders through fear and before long I had my ass cheeks spread apart and two fingers inside my hole. It was the first time Iâd explore my asshole and it felt amazing.

    Before long I was really going for it, Iâd lost all reality and it was just me and my body in that room at that moment, three fingers were now moving in and out of my asshole as my other hand swirled around my clit, it was heaven on earth, there was now nothing I could do about the noises coming from me but they were no longer whimpers I was fully blown moaning and basically screaming. I was so caught up in the moment that I didnât hear him get up off the bed or move closer to me but then again I had my back to him. I did however realise he was behind me when I felt the full length of his meat in my asshole and both of his hands wrapped around my neck.

    Apart from the glimpse Iâd got of this mans cock in the gym earlier I had never even seen a dick in real life before, never touched one, sucked one or even had one in my vagina but here I was in hotel room 304 with a strange mans probably more than double my age cock inside my teenage asshole but I didnât care Iâd never felt anything was intense and amazing in all my 17 years. He took me mercilessly on that armchair, no pausing or stopping just sliding his huge dick in and out of my tiny asshole, when one hand left my throat the grip with the other hand got tighter and my breathing cut short, once his free hand hit my clit I lost it completely, my whole body went limp and Iâm 100% I fell unconscious.

    Iâm not sure what happened while I was as passed out but when I finally did come around, I was lying flat out face down on the bed in a starfish position, the ginormous man behind me held me onto the bed with one hand on the back of my neck and the other at the end of my back creating an arch in my back, I tried to move but to no avail, I could barely move my face was slammed so close to the bed. I felt the tip of his dick slide up and down my pussy lips and in one push his whole length was inside my pussy, Iâll never forgot the full feeling inside my body as his cock went in and out of my pussy, each time he pulled out right to tip and the slammed it into the base, I could feel it in my guts. Once again he was fucking me mercilessly and I was living every second.

    From what I can remember we had sex for at least four or five hours, each time I reached orgasm my body went limp and I blacked out, and each time I came back around we were in a new position. Him on top fucking me with all his body weight on me, me on top but him controlling and doing all the maneuvering of my body , against the wall he could hold me perfectly as if I was a feather, on the table, back to the armchair and even against the window I remember at one point. I couldnât tell you if he came at any point or in any positions, whether inside me or anywhere else I didnât have a clue, I still donât. But one thing is for sure, his dick didnât seem to go soft at any point and he sure as hell knew what he was doing.

    I opened my eyes and glanced around the room, it was pitch dark apart from the lighting coming from the slight opening at the bathroom door I hadnât a clue how long Iâd been in the room at that stage but I came here at around 11am and if itâs dark out then itâs after 11pm so at least twelve hours, I tapped around the bed and I was there alone, I could hear running water but it sounded so distant it could have been coming from outside, I closed my eyes again and tried to stretch out but my body aches so bad it would barely let me move, I winced in pain and just tried to go back to sleep. What seemed like only a few seconds later I was woken to the warmest feeling between my legs, I put my hand down and left hair, he was between my legs eating my pussy but so sensual and soft it felt like a warm gushy massage, I was back in heaven. After eating my pussy for what felt like an hour but was really about two minutes I was nearly back asleep I was so relaxed.

    âCome with me Iâve run us a bathâ he said to me from between my legs in his sexy deep voice and I almost melted, he got up and started walking towards the bathroom, I went to do the same but as soon as I had my whole body weight up on my feet I fell straight back down, but I left out a screech because of the pain that shot through my body, my pussy, my ass, my legs, my abs and straight to my neck from being strangled. Within seconds my Prince Charming, actually he wasnât a prince he was more of a king so, my king charming was right in front of me and picked me up like a baby, cradling me and walking straight to bathroom and gently dropping me into the bath. The heat as it hit my tender genitals and nipples was immense, it actually turned me straight back on.

    For the first time since Iâd arrived I actually got to have a proper look at the man who took my virginity and thought me everything I know, he was stood in front of me and the best resemblance I can give you guys is Thor, he looks like Thor short haired Thor.

    I started college the following September to study law, Thor was my professor, I shit you not my professor for the next four years, of course we hooked up numerous more times and it actually turned out he was in town staying at the hotel for the job interview for the professors job, what are the odds.

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    While going though it my cock got hard as rock and trobbing, I had to masturbate twice and came in gushes. WOW!!

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