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    Straight Female / 28

    I made out with a 55 years old man in his car when I was 25. I am a girl working away from home.I used to travel in cab whenever I need to go somewhere.This guy was my regular cab driver.

    He was a very good person, soft spoken, helpful.We exchanged number and started texting in WhatsApp.

    Our normal random chats gradually turned into sexting.One day our chats got so hot,both of us became so horny.We decided to meet outside at 2am.He picked me up in his cab and drove off to a nearby parking lot.Uncle’s hand was inside my blouse squeezing my breasts all the way until we reach the parking lot. I was stroking his D**k.

    Once we reached there,we went to the back seat of his cab.We were kissing each other madly and started making out.Within minutes I was topless with my pants down in his car. We were having oral sex right there in the parking lot.He was all over me sucking and licking.I was giving him blowjob.

    We went back after an hour,we did not have any penetration that day.After that night I felt so guilty and stopped talking to him.I blocked him everywhere and avoided him.I was scared to lose my virginity before marriage.But recently I heard he was asking about me to my colleagues,I also saw him a few times.

    I miss him and sometimes I think I love him.I feel like losing my virginity to him.I have this urge to have sex with him, at the same time I don't want to do it.

    Is it wrong to have such feelings for an aged man?

    I am single and still a virgin

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    Feelings are feelings. Do you like him and does he turn you on? Or do you feel like you just need to finish that part of your life 'story?' It's all good as long as you are cool with your decision. A lot of people lost the V in far more awkward ways.

    I was a girlfriend's first and I knew her head was filled with all the hype of "doing it" but also that it was a big deal emotionally. I let it feel weird afterward and tried to act the right way for her mood. She told me years later that she appreciated it, and that she was glad it was me. Not saying to pat my own shoulder, only to suggest that you just make looking back on it cool and not ridden with regret or cringe. And use plenty of lube
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    WhatsApp him
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    You’re at an age now that you should have sex with a man if you want to. The norm about waiting until marriage assumes you will marry at 19 or 20. It’s unhealthy for people in their 20’s to refrain from sex. At this point any decent man who starts to date you will leave you if you demand celibacy until marriage.
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    I feel so bad for both of you. So sorry that he’s wandering around looking for you and you actually desire him.

    Honesty is always best. I say go and have sex with him! Go fulfill what was started!

    I also say meet with him, tell him your fears about the future and end it gently and in a way there’s closure for both of you.

    As with choices it’s up to you and NEVER easy. Do what would make you feel the best spiritually and the least regret.

    An orgasm wears off, it's so fleeting. However being without someone who sexually fulfills you makes you feel dead inside.

    Go make a solid and great choice!

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    It is better to lose your virginity with someone you really like and feel confident his company, age does not matter. But in my view it is better to have fist sex with an aged or mature person. He will be caring and understand your sexual needs better. After the first breakthrough, you always have a very relaxed sex with him.

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