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    Straight Female / 46

    I have this situation which is too private and embarrassing to mention to my friends, but I would like some input from other girls.

    It all started a few years ago when my husband and I were having fore play. He would be massaging me then I would feel something wet on me then he would lick it. At first I didn’t know what he was doing, or didn’t want to know, but he was licking his precum off me. I told him to stop, that is was gross, but once in awhile I would notice him doing it again.

    I didn’t notice it again for awhile, but then before sex I saw him wipe the end of his penis and lick it. One time when he kissed me and he tasted different, almost like cum on his lips. I asked him what it was , but denied that it was cum.

    Then one day after a few drinks I brought up the conversation of him masturbating. He mentioned one time when he was really getting into it, he was on his back and when he came, he shot on his face and even his in his mouth. I said, that’s disgusting and he replied it wasn’t that bad!
    I know he masturbates, but not sure if he shoots in his mouth or not. Every once in awhile, usually after drinking, i’ll be Jerking him off and right before he cums I will tell him we don’t have a towel, he says he doesn’t care and to point his penis anywhere I want to. I think he wants me to point at his face , but doesn’t want to say. He says he gets lost in the moment and doesn’t care where the cum goes, face included. I have yet to let him cum on his face.
    Does any one out there jerkoff there boy friend or husband onto there own face or so it lands in there mouth. Let me know.

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    I don't think that's too bad or unusual.
    In fact what I'm hearing is he will swallow and you don't have to; sounds like a win/ win to me!
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    Honestly I think you hubby is bi. He has a fetish of eating Cum. Next time let cum inside you and then let him eat u out. You will be surprised that you both will enjoy it.
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    I've eaten my own cum before, and swiped pre-cum off the head of my cock during foreplay and licked it off my finger. My 1st wife would suck my dick, and let me cum in her mouth, and then kiss me with a mouthful of my cum. It turns me on. It turned her on too. I've masturbated before when I've been alone and really horny. I lay on my back and roll up onto my shoulders, and try to shoot it into my mouth. Sometimes I hit my mouth, sometimes my face, or chest. I've even eaten a few women out after I fucked them. At first a couple of them were a little apprehensive. But once I got going they warmed up to it pretty quickly. I also like to lick a woman's ass. Doesn't matter if I've cum on it or not. Just like doing it. Again, a few women were a little nervous about it at first. But the instant I stuck my tongue in their ass, the were putty in my hands. So, why not have your husband fuck you, then ask him if he'd like to eat his cream-pie. I'll bet he goes down on you in an instant. I agree with the #2 reply. He'll love it, and you'll love it. Its just sex play. And it's just between the two of you. Have fun, and let us know how it works out.
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    Eating/swallowing own cum is not unusual. Many men do it and enjoy but to my experience, it is quite difficult to land cums into one's mouth directly. My partner tried hard to do it but his cums would land on his face, chest and some on hairs. I have to lick them off. So I now offer him my tits and he laps his own cum from there and that leads to massaging and sucking my boobs. We both enjoy that a lot followed by enjoyable fucks!! At the end I suck his cock almost dry as it goes limp and he does the same to my cum-flowing puffy pussy.

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