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    Straight Male / 40

    Not a proud confession.

    I came home early from work on day a few years ago, and my grown daughter was in the shower. I could hear the hand held shower jet muffle and get loud, muffle and get loud, and I figured out she was in there getting off.

    Glass door shower, and I got a small mirror out of the other bathroom and did a peek under the door.

    For ten minutes, I watched my hot ass daughter masturbating, and I'd never seen her naked as a teen or adult. She came several times, and the look when it hit her was amazing.

    I knew it was wrong, but that was part of the draw, spying on someone without her knowledge, the fact that it was my daughter, and I'm the only one that knows to this day.

    I can't tell you how many times I came home early any chance I got, or hoped she'd come home plastered and pass out in the bed, just so I could watch or maybe cop a feel. (Never got the feel.)

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    never happened BRO
    14 days ago
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    What you did was very naughty, your bound to look and admire her adult form but I think you did it to long
    14 days ago
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    I secretly film my wife and my daughter when they are in the shower. Then show the videos to other men. I suck those men as they watch the videos and tell me what they would do to them.
    13 days ago
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    #3 a little perverted but kind of a turn on. i used to suck off a guy while he watched his daughter in law videoed in the shower! major load when he'd cum!
    13 days ago
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    #3 here , I cum so hard while sucking these guys. Listening to them say how hard they would fuck my wife or daughter. Not to mention the nasty things most guys say. I'm hard just by telling everyone about it.
    12 days ago

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