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    Straight Female / 54

    My sister and I are Irish twins. We grew up very close, shared a room, were in the same grade. And we are very alike. In any event, during our freshman year at college we 'interviewed' several guys to pop our cherry. This was during the sexual revolution back in the seventies. We settled on a foreign student and we both took his sperm, incubated his sperm and delivered a boy and a girl ten days apart. The donor father never saw us after our one time with him.

    The boy and girl grew up close to each other, they know they share a father and we told them we 'milked' him but never wanted anything to do with him. Well, what with DNA heritage stuff, they figured out his home geography. They checked all the records of our college days on line and in a surprise they hit on who he is. He is an established man, he came from a well to do family and he is now the President of his family's businesses. We are well to do, we were well to do when we pulled our stunt. Money is not something we need or they need and they are both professionals with their own families.

    Both my sister and I married and have other children. We were young, aggressive, spoiled rich kids at UCLA in 1974. Our stunt was misguided but we were excited at having been so naughty, and shocking our parents and family. We were 19. We raised our babies. Now all these years later we are dealing with the consequences of our stunt. We have not confirmed that he is in fact the father. They come from this generation and are hell bent on confronting him to settle their curiosity. For the first time in 45 years my sister and I are nervous about a college stunt.

    Truthfully he was the innocent one that night, happily innocent. He was a freshman too.

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