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    Ice Cream Play!

    My brother and I are fraternal twins (I am a few minutes older). We both have sandy blonde hair (mine is long, and his is short), and have blue eyes. We are both fit and in the summer we tan nicely, with tan lines in strategic places.

    During high school we were attractive and popular enough that we led active dating lives.

    We did have one ritual when neither of us had a date on Fri. or Sat. night. We would hold a movie night together in our basement rec room. I know it is cliche but I was into rom-coms and he was into action movies.

    Since we are twins, we are very close and this gave us an opportunity to catch up on each others' lives as we did not frequently socialize in the same circles. We would often share intimate details of dates, reationships, etc., but it never really got sexual. Until it did!

    And of course for movie night snacks were involved. Typically it would be popcorn and sodas and other junk food. But occasionally we would splurge on our normally healthy diets and share a tub of ice cream.

    The movie we were watching was Friends With Benefits. My brother asked me if I ever had a FWB relationship? But I just smiled teasingly in response (although I never did). He kept proding me to tell him, and tried to guess who? (I already knew that he did as a couple of my GFS had told me so).

    He was getting excited about finding out if I had any secrets to tell, and particularly if any of his friends were involved. He began to threaten to flick a spoon of ice cream at me. I don't think he really intended to do it, but I guess the ice cream had melted and slide off the spoon, and accidentally landed on my favorite white blouse.

    I began to freak out because I am a bit of a neat freak (actually a lot I guess). And the ice cream (vanilla) had chocolate sauce on top. So I was particularly worried that it might stain. Without thinking, I stripped my blouse off and threw it into the washer in the laundry room. Then I sat down again on the couch in a huff.

    What I had forgotten was that, because it was a chill night at home, I hadn't bother to wear a bra. So there I was in all my glory, and my brother was very good at acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

    He really didn't stare, because of course we had seen each other naked before, being twins. Our mother had even bathed us together until we began to get a little too curious about each other bits.

    But now I was a nicely developed young woman, and he was a hot-blooded teenage boy. I think he became a little bold and more daring than he normally would because of what we had been talking about before (FWB).

    He began to hold a spoon of ice cream over my bare breast, teasing that it was going to drip (which of course it did). I swiftly punched him in the arm (which is what we did when we were upset with one or the other). He just smiled and said it was worth it. Then he said that it was not fair, that the other breast also needed some attention, so he directly spread some ice cream on the other breast with the spoon.

    I was mad so I took a mouthful of my ice cream and was going to spit it at him at first, but then I realized that this was beneath me. Instead, I abruptly gave him a French kiss, and we mutually mixed the ice cream in our mouths with our tongues.

    Then my brother teased me again saying that I probably couldn't stand the sticky ice cream and chocolate syrup on my breasts (he knows me well), so he began to lick it off, swirling his tongue around as he did. This turned into suckling my nipples, which were erect by now. I was really getting turned on and began to moan in response to his masterful licking (which some of GFS had bragged about).

    By now all of the ice cream was melting, so my brother took another spoonful and drizzled it between my heaving breasts, which dripped all the way down to my bellybutton. Of course he had to lick this clean also.

    With the mixture of our taboo play, and the potential of getting caught by our parents who were just the floor above us, we were really getting hot and bothered. Of course I noticed the raging hard-on growing in my brother's jeans.

    I was drunk with horniness now, and I just had to see how much of a man my brother had grown into. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled down his tighty-whiteys. I had to gasp because I could wrap both hands around the shaft of his erect cock (and I am also a size queen).

    Now it was time for payback, and I started drizzling ice cream onto his cock, and then licking it off of his shaft and balls. My brother began to use his hand on the back of my head as he guided me bobbing up and down on his penis. I tasted a little pre-cum so I pulled him out of my mouth (I don't like swallowing), just as he started to shoot his hot load all over my face.

    Again my neatness fetish took over and I jumped up to get a towel out of the laundry room to quickly wipe my brother's jizz off of my face. When I came back out, my brother was smiling and pretty pleased with our food play.

    But now I wasn't completely satisfied and I wanted some pleasure for myself. So I unbottoned my jeans and pulled them down just enough to reveal my white panties (I do like teasing). A small wet spot had developed and I began to finger myself to make it spread in the cameltoe outline of my panties.

    My brother took the hint, and pulled down my panties so he could finger me himself. First he tried one finger, and then a second, which really got my pussy juices flowing.

    Then I do not know what possessed him to try this, but my brother got ahold of one the ice cream spoons. He gently began to stroke the backside of the spoon against my pussy lips and then worked his way to my clitty. The spoon was warm by now, but it smoothness still had a desirable effect (although we found out later a cold spoon is much better).

    I thought thar he was going to give me a clitoral orgasm, but my brother who was more sexually experienced, had other ideas. He inserted the spoon into my pussy, which startled me at first. But then he began to work his way around in my pussy with the spoon, until he began rubbing the backside of it against my g-spot.

    I had known nothing about the g-spot up until that time, but I certainly enjoyed learning. The smoothness of the spoon back rubbing against my spongy g-spot area brought me to a level of heightened arousal that I had never known.

    Soon I could hear the characteristic squishy noises as my pussy juices began to flow. I began to mumble incoherently, my body started to quiver uncontrollably, and my legs buckled (my brother gently held me up as my orgasm peaked).

    Suddenly in an explosion, my pussy juices gushed all over my brother's face, and like an obedient puppy dog he lapped it all up out of my pussy and also what had dripped down my legs.

    This was the very first time I had squirted, but under my brother's careful sexual tutelage it would not be the last.

    My twin brother had always been my best friend, but now he was my friend with benefits.

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    So hot! I have tried masturbating with a spoon, and yes the colder the better

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