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    Lesbian Female / 23

    Next door to us lived a lesbian couple. Early thirties. My mother cautioned me about talking to them, she more than cautioned me she prohibited it. She didn't want me around that. Of course the ladies next door were real nice and they never did anything outward and when I did talk to them they were always interested in my school and when was I going to college and what was I going to study. They were real nice ladies and my mother had to stomach that. For my high school graduation they gave me a real nice jacket, real nice and expensive from a real nice boutique.

    I got to college and I roomed with a girl from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was one of five kids, her parents owned a small factory and they seemed to have money. Unlike me she was not inhibited, being one of five. I was and always dressed and undressed in the dark. She laughed at me and told me we were both girls and she stood around naked so that I would get used to seeing her naked. She stripped my bra from my hands and forced me to show her my boobs. She shoved me back onto my bed and stripped off my panties and spread my legs open. She got on her bed and leaned back against the wall and spread her legs wide open and she asked me to come over and finger her. Either finger her or eat her. I did nothing so she got up and pushed me down on my bed and got on me and started kissing my face until she got my mouth and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She grabbed my boobs with her hands, she pushed herself down over me and got her face and mouth in between my legs until she was able to get her tongue in and eat me out.

    Then she got back on her bed and spread her legs and told me to eat her out. I kneeled on the carpet and I ate her. After a while she let me sit up and get beside her and she held me and felt up my boobs while she kissed me. She told me that the best part of messing around with another girl is that you didn't get knocked up.

    As the semester progressed we spent all our time together, we went to the football games together and after one game as we were walking back to our dorm she took my hand and we held hands. When we got back to the dorm she faced me and asked me point blank if I was playing with her or was it for real. If it was for real once in a while I should kiss her or grab her hand or put my arm around her, if it was for real why didn't I get undressed for her and get on the bed and go down on her and show her I was for real. If I was for real why had I never just given her my boobs to kiss and suck.

    Well, if it wasn't for real after I started to kiss her first, hold her hand, get over her and let her kiss and suck my boobs it became for real. That afternoon when I was leaning over her and she was just biting, and kissing and sucking lightly on my boobs she looked up at me and asked me if I loved her. She then quickly said I Love You and I had to say it back to her.

    We didn't tell her parents or mine for two years, we were just good friends at college, and after our freshman year we moved into an apartment together. When we did tell my mother she said it was because of those lesbian women that lived next door.

    I know how the lesbian couple lived next door to us, you don't show things in public. As far as the world is concerned, except for those closest to you, you are the best of friends. After we are alone we find time to make out. I may have kissed her in public a dozen times, maybe. We hold hands, that's about it.

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