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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    I was not exactly a kid when this happened, as I was 15. It was summer and I had gone camping for a week with friends. One guy had a little accident so we came home a day early. I arrived home at about 10 at night and found my mom was not home. My mom and dad divorced several years back so basically it was just me and her. I was a bit tired so just went to bed. About a half hour went by and I heard my mom arrive home. I got up and dressed and then realized she was talking to someone, and I heard a male voice respond. For some reason, I held back going out of my room. I heard my mom and whoever she was with go into her bedroom. On a spur of the moment decision, I climbed out my bedroom window to the backyard. I creeped up to my moms window and could peek through the bottom where the blinds did not quite cover. I saw a guy I had seen from her work place sitting on her bed, and heard him talking, and her responding from her bathroom. She came out of the bath wearing a lace bra, tiny lace panties, stockings and a garter, all black. My mom is about five foot, slender with little boobs and kind of wide hips with a narrow waist. She has dark hair and her hairy pussy had hair creeping from the sides of her panties.
    She walked over to the guy and he stood up and kissed her, feeling her ass. She kissed him back then she got on her knees and unzipped his pants, pulling them down and grabbed his dick. It was a pretty large cock and she stroked it some, then looking up to him said something and began licking his cock and balls. She put her lips around his head and started sucking him slowly. After a short time, the guy said something to her, and she looked up and laughed, then she started sucking again, but was taking all his big dick down her throat. I saw she had her hand on her pussy as she sucked. Suddenly the guy sat back on the bed and lay back. She stood up, took her panties off and squatted over his cock. She grabbed his dick and guided it in her pussy. He felt her little tits as she rode him, moaning loud enough I could hear her outside. The guy took her bra off, and her little tits popped out and her nipples were standing out from her nearly flat chest. She rode him facing him then she spun around and rode with her butt facing him. After a bit of this, he pushed her forward so she was on all fours and fucked her doggy. I was in a perfect position to see his cock in her pussy lips. She got louder and louder, and told him to fuck her like a whore. She got nastier and nastier in her talking, loudly saying how badly her whore c**t needed dick. The guy moaned and I knew he cam in her, he pulled out and cum dripped from her c**t. She put her fingers inside and then licked them. The guy laughed and said she was such a horny little slut, to which she gave a smile back. She sucked his cock some more, saying something to him I did not quite get, but it got a laugh from the guy. Needless to say, for most of this time I had my dick out stroking. I decided not to say a word about being back from my camping trip, and just slept in the garage that night. I never said a word to her, but she became the number one thing I stroked to after that, thinking about her fucking and sucking cock with more eagerness than I had ever seen.

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