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    Gay Male / 53

    I live my everyday life as a 63 year old heterosexual man however for the past 49 years Iâve had sex with literally hundred of men.
    My attraction to other males began a a young boy. It grew stronger in junior high when I saw many other naked guys in the locker room. Thankfully I was able to control my desire and not get an erection looking at the other guys beautiful cocks although I did get a serious burning in my loins the day a guy I was really fixated on bent over inches from my face exposing his hairless asshole.
    My first orgasm was with a friend a couple years younger. Weâd 69 and both cum but while I ejaculated he was not quite there and had a dry orgasm. We played now and then until I thought I was into girls.
    Girls were attractive to me and me to them but I never really got into vaginas. I began my own anal exploration at age 15 although I never lost my anal virginity to a real cock until I was 44. Up until I was 44 my gay explorations were confined to glory holes and adult book stores.
    Then I found the internet. It has enabled me to fulfill my pent up true sexuality. I am very oral, bottom but versatile and love group sex. I possess great recollection of many of my hundreds of homosexual encounters and I will document them here.

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    I gave my anal virginity to a 15 year old boy when I was 10. The first experience seemed so natural for me and he was so gentle that being with other boys was a great thing. When I entered my teens a man who was a friend of my dad gave me my first painful man fucking experience. Even though it hurts I still like it?
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    At some point you get what your destined for. I had a History teacher/baseball coach in the 8th grade, I did bad on the first test and I got a talking to, with a threat, one more bad grade and I was in for a lickin'. In those days the paddle was what set the rules. I screwed up again and ended up in the gym, with my naked backside laid out across the desk. The lickin' felt good, sure it stung like a son of a bitch but being laid over naked like that and my teacher running his bare hand across my cheek before letting loose with the paddle made my groin tighten up.

    No question my teacher noticed, several hard licks and his bare hand easing the pain. I stood up facing him, half erect and he took my dick in his hand and said I had a nice tool down there. His tool when he let it out was dark, with a large head, half erect himself, he took my hand and I held his dick. Bend over and spread my legs, he took some lube and fingered me for a minute, got behind me and he ran his dick in me until his hips were up against me and fuked me 'till he came. Pain?, maybe. But the feeling of getting fucked was so much better. So much for my first time.
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    I was 16 and liked looking at other guys in the shower, but not letting it show, one day a black 14 year old boy seduced and put the dick to me. It was confusing as hell cause even though I was pissed at him, and my self, later that evening I went to him for more.
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    I didn't start any gay sex until I was into my 50's. I was married for over 30 years and the only person I had fucked other than my wife, was my older sister. Now I can't hardly get off watching porn unless it is gay porn. I'm not into the making out with a guy, but something about getting or receiving oral with a guy gets me going now. That being said, next to sex with my Sister, which we still do regularly, I love pumping a young guys ass! I'm lucky enough to live in an area full of them, and take full advantage of it. I'm sure my wife knows I'm fucking somebody, because I don't hassle her anymore for it anymore, and that's ok with me.
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    #4- My grandmother's man friend fucked me when I was 14. It was quite an experience to be sure. He kinda guessed that I was fooling around with other boys because he said that "I have that cute curious boy look," and I did.

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