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    Straight Female / 33

    My husband and I met at work , he was in production and I was in sales. Since before my husband started working here I have been having a sexual affair with the boss. We keep it quiet and just sex with no strings attached. Since my marriage , our boss has become more and more sexually charged and definitely more kinky. Before I was married we would have sex maybe once a week , now that I'm married he sometimes wants to do it two or more times every day. Not to mention the kinkier side where he will have me talk to my husband on the phone while he is trying to cum on my face or when I'm naked and being eaten by him. This morning my husband and I arrived at work he was standing there when I kissed my husband and he headed in to the wearhouse. He made a point in being loud enough for my husband to hear him say that I was going to work my ass off today because we had many sales calls to make. He immediately took me into his office , pulled my pants down and bent me over. He pulled out and rammed it in my ass, I began to scream and try to get away. He held me and covered my mouth. I'm so incredibly embarrassing because people could hear and it's obvious something happened because I can't sit normally.

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