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    Straight Female / 33

    single mom of 1 (teen boy)

    you are right. i didn't believe you, but you are right. i don't know why comments to my previous post bothered me so much. i couldn't accept the truth, but every time i did laundry i was faced with it. what was said frustrated and angered me, sometimes for days at a time. i kept my part of the agreement and so did he, i laundered them and he didn't throw them away after he soiled them. still, i had to know. i asked him.

    we were talking at dinner, i asked him if our arrangement was still OK with him. he said that it was, and a few moments later i right out asked him if he would prefer getting them before i did the laundry. afterward our discussion really surprised me. both of us had difficulty talking about it, but i assured him that it was alright and that i would abide with his decision.

    everything suggested was "better" to him than a freshly laundered panty. he liked the idea of getting a used pair, before i laundered them. i then asked if he would like me to wear them, the clean ones, after he soiled them. he looked up in disbelief to what i had just asked, but the expression and blush on his face betrayed his thoughts even before he told me his part truth--that he would like it if i were to wear the ones he soiled. that is were we left our discussion of the matter.

    there is a new agreement. one worn, but not laundered, and one freshly laundered. he leaves the "clean but soiled" ones on the top of the hamper. i put them on after my shower, and let him see that i am wearing them when he comes down to breakfast.

    what i saw in his face, i didn't not ask, and he did not hint. i doubt i ever will.

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    damn, that is crazy sexy.... tell us more, please....
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    that is really it. i don't know if i am really that naive or just didn't want to know the truth all these years, but i was completely wrong!

    starting yesterday i wear the panty that is on top of the hamper. yes, it has been soiled in his special way.

    i feel like i have been so out of touch with reality, but i know now never to agree before i know, really know, not just what "i have always known". i am such an idiot!
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    Has he started getting more physically affectionate since you started wearing and showing the specially soiled panties? More hugging? Kisses? Does he try to pat or rub the panties [or what's under them] while you're wearing them?
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    he smiles when i show him that i have on the panty. i have not noticed anything else.

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