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    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    If this isn't irony, then I don't know what is.

    Accused of something I was legally informed, could lead to a custodial sentence, I was shitting myself. I'm five feet seven, slim and have been described as cute, bordering on effeminate looking.
    Not gay and not seeking to enjoy a guy in prison busting my anal virginity in a violent or even base way, I decided rightly or wrongly, to pre empt my possible sentence. Going out to gay bar I knew of in the city I live close to, I went late as I was dithering as what was best to do. Within ten minutes of me being in there, two guys approached me and asked me if I wanted a drink. A few drinks later the two men who looked like brothers, wanted to know if I'd like to join them back at their apartment.
    With some dutch courage from the alcohol and the knowledge this was MY best way in my mind, to deal with the possibility of being sexualised in prison, I said yes.
    A drink, some poppers I'd never had before and watching them kiss, suck cock and basically getting it on, they had me strip naked.
    I spent the whole night with them, kissing, fondling, cock sucking, rimming and finally when my cock was aching for release, I was entered in the missionary position.
    It hurt, I won't lie. And for a some time I doubted I'd be able to go through with it. Yet I knew if I was going to able to cope with prison, I'd have to grit my teeth and let them fuck me.
    REVELATION...Once my arsehole popped like a cork, the sensations up my rear hole changed and for me it was like the sexual flood gates opening. Both men, who I now know are versatile lovers, fucked me. And fucked me over and over again until I was the one craving their cocks up my arsehole.
    Three times I took one or the others loads up my backside and loved the feeling of it. The following morning waiting for a taxi, I blew off the slightly older of the two as his younger lover tongued my sore arsehole. I camr that way and in that sexual act I knew no matter what happened in court, I'd be fine.
    It never got to court. Three days after spending one of the best nights of my life being fucked by two wonderful sexual men, my case was thrown out.
    Where did that leave me. It left me with the knowledge I'd thoroughly enjoyed sucking cock, and being fucked. And it also informed me I was tougher in mind than I thought possible.
    With no one to confide in, or no one I knew immediately, I got back to my 'normal' life and even dated a girl for a short period afterwards.
    But I realised I missed being fucked and ached to have a cock deep inside me again. That's when talking to my uncle opened a whole new episode in my life.
    He's openly bisexual, leaning more to guys than women.
    We chatted about my near miss in regards to prison, and then I let him know how I went about trying to ready myself. I told him everything, and I do mean everything. At the end of my detailed description, I noticed he had an erection and he made no attempt to hide it.
    Asking me if I wanted to experience gay sex again with him, I lowered my uncles shorts and showed him what I'd learned two months before. Sucking in his larger cock, I reveled in the fact he was telling how good I was/am at sucking cock.
    Once I was naked we shared his sofa, his carpet and his bed as he fucked me throughout the night. And my uncle is still fucking me to this very day. This morning in his shower, I took his gorgeous cock up my arsehole before he went to work. He filled my bowels with his cum, and I understood just how much I'd changed and how surreal life can be.
    If it wasn't for that court date, I would never have gone down the route of gay sex, but boy am I so glad I did.

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    Gay sex can be addicting itâs awesome
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    That was very hot and well writen
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    Uncle have a big hairy cook? What underwear does he wear?
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    As a guy thatâs been to prison, there is no way to prepare yourself for the sex you may receive.
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    I was in a detention center for boys and being the cute preppie fresh faced 14 year old kid I ended up servicing the other boys on a daily basis. Dad thought it would be a good experience, straighten me out. Now I'm 15 and far from straight now!

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