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    Straight Male / 46

    Iâm a sucker for full lips. One girl at my work that I was friendly with started showing some interest and one day in the office she asked for a kiss. She has a boyfriend at work so I asked what about him. She said it was just a kiss.I of course gave her a little kiss on the lips. Her lips were full soft and beautiful. It was sweet but that was it.
    There is another girl at my work that Iâve been friendly with as well and she has full lips. She was a little flirty but not too much. One day I was out for a walk as I do every day on my lunch. I walked out on this quiet street with not much traffic and no houses. a car came towards me and starts to slow. I recognize the car. It belong to the girl that I kissed.

    But she wasnât alone. As I peared through the windshield I realize it was the other girl that I also was friendly with. The car approaches me and stops. I was a little scared because I was basically flirting with both girls. The first girl had a boyfriend the other girl did not so I figured I was safe to flirt with a girl without the boyfriend. Through the passenger side window I started kissing the girls arm. The driver said why donât you kiss her like you kissed me. Her friends eyes lit up in disbelief. Iâm sure her mind Watch racing. I didnât want to disappoint her so I leaned over and kissed her but I didnât give her just a pack. I started making out with her. The driver after a moment said what is that you didnât kiss me like that. And she looked at me with some suspicious eyes. The girl I just looked like oh really. So I went around the car to the driver side window leaned in and made out with her. Two girls with full lips one after another. I was in heaven!

    Amazingly they were both cool about it and I continue on occasion making out with the first girl. Unfortunately that was the last time I made out with the second girl but she was cool and we still work together. I pretty sure this story hasnât ended....

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