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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 51

    Hidden in plain sight

    My wife has occasionally browsed through my porn collection stored in a folder on the computer.
    What she hasn't guessed is some of the photos have been taken by me or the other woman i was seeing at the time.

    The photo of the woman with her fingers holding her lips spread open and a blue vibrator deep inside her pussy and clearly showing her wedding ring, I took that right before I fucked her.

    The woman on her hands and knees and her arse all red from being spanked and the cat o nine tails on the bed next to her, I took that picture in between spanking her and caressing her and exploring her dripping pussy with my fingers and then my cock.

    The video of a woman deep throating a penis whilst orgasming, that's my cock in her throat, and my fingers playing with her clitoris whilst I filmed.

    The series of photos of a hairy pussy, being covered in shaving cream, and then shaved bare and washed, I took those before we then had a shower together and I then licked her before screwing her on her bed.

    If only my wife wasn't less reserved and a little more daring, the things that we could do....

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