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    Straight Male / 34

    In college, I dated a girl that had my friends scratching their heads in a "why her" way. They were right on one hand, but on the other, I had constant sex and she always wanted to cook. Can't say it was at all bad, and I did have strong feelings for her.

    Summer came and she went to the beach to work, and once she arrived, she called and informed me that she wanted to see other people. I was stoned when she called and got really pissed and shredded her cowardly move of doing so, etc., and a few times over the summer, she called drunk and said she missed me and wished I was there.

    What do you do when 20, petty, and pissed? Tell her you're sorry that she broke her daily cock streak or something like that. Each time, the call ended with her crying, and again, it was petty but I was still shitty about it all.

    When school started again, she came back with puppy eyes, trying to reunite. After a month, I fucked her, and then started doing so every week or so, though she had killed the emotional attachment.

    At her apartment one Sunday night, waiting while she was on her way back from visiting her parents, I started playing cards with her roommate, and it turned into a drinking game. Her name was Lori, and she had a great sense of humor, had me laughing quite a bit. She was cute with bright brown eyes, and had the body of a fit high school cheerleader, only having since added the freshman fifteen, plus another few lbs. Soft and curvy, she was incredibly sexy, and I was noticing it more and more that night.

    Lori knew the story of what happened over the summer and brought it up. "Weren't you pissed?", she asked, adding that she also thought it was shitty. Lori knew a lot about us, probably everything, including our sex life from the year before, and made several blatent references to it while we talked.

    After obviously flirting for a good 45 min, and with me not acting on it, she did. Rio came on the radio (will never forget that) and she got up and turned it up. Then she danced around and over toward me before stepping over my legs and straddling, and after a few more waves of her arms, she sat down and kissed me.

    The next 10 minutes were absolutely intense, making out, hands wandering until she pulled me onto the floor. I wanted to eat her right there, but she said "no time" and instead pulled me right inside her. We didn't go at it for long but both came and were back to respectable by the time the door opened. She (Alyssa) joined the game, and Lori and I exchanged glances all night until we went to bed and I fucked my "girlfriend."

    After that, I had the most intense sex with Lori whenever we could, and we did everything imaginable. Lori turned me on as much as any girlfriend ever had, and I felt zero remorse given what had previously gone down.

    Everything about Lori was sexy. Twice a week, if I was there on those days, I woke up in a empty bed as Alyssa had left for class, and I would tiptoe into Lori's room and wake her up by either licking her pussy or spreading her cheeks and licking her ass, depending on how she was laying. After a couple of times, she started sleeping in just a t-shirt, though forever burned in my brain is the heavenly smell of her vagina through her warm cotton panties after a night of sleep.

    I could lick her ass for hours and on multiple occasions, did so out in public, at a bar or a party, twice in the library, etc. Her butt was so round and absolutely delicious and her pheromones put me in a trance.

    In certain positions, say with her legs up but not all the way back, our angle of penetration was euphoric, each long, deep stroke setting us both on fire. And then those sexy, strong legs would fold in and lock around me when I came, often simultaneously with her, I can still hear her slightly raspy moan in my ear as she held me in place as I came so deeply inside her.

    And when she slowly pushed her glorious ass back and forth, her snug ring tight around me all the way down to the root and then back to my head - god, anal sex has never been better, Buried to the hilt and ejaculaing inside her rectum, I held her hips as she ground them up and down my pelvis and I'd stay completely hard, just savoring the heat deep up her butt before we started moving again.

    A few times we were almost busted, once because I smelled strongly of Lori's sex, but Lori kept close tabs and was sure Alyssa didn't know. It reached a point that I was just going through the motions with Alyssa, though we kept it secret to spare the bad feelings and horrific drama.

    That was a double-edged sword, unfortunately, precluding Lori and I from pursuing our relationship. We totally fell for each other, so there was a price for our secret affair. I still feel like I was a fool for letting her get away. Aside from the amazing sexual connection we shared, and I know this even more now with years of life behind me, Lori's personality and humor were diamonds in the rough. Alas, foolish youth.

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    Yes, you were a fool. I would have dumped girl #1, and kept girl #2. You didn't owe the cheating bitch any kind of loyalty. I would still be with Lori if it had been my decision.
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    Yep, I totally blew it. Almost 15 years later, still regret it. She was behind keeping it secret, so Ibwas following her wishes there. But FUCK!

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