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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    This is a cross between events in my life, what happened and my imagination of what I really wanted to happen.

    I hit rock bottom a few months ago, started with being laid off as boss couldn't afford to keep us on with the lack of work coming in.

    At first I was okay, had some decent savings no real debts bar paying the rent so figured i could get some steady work as a labourer or odd job man till a better job came my way.

    Fuck that it seemed, it felt like fate was pissing on me and laughing it up; no real work, savings taking a big hit and then my van breaks down.

    So I'm renting a single room from an older bloke i met through a work mate I was seeing at the time, seemed ok and rent reasonable; he kept odd hours as his store opened late and all I had to do was pay my share and keep what I used tidy.

    To be honest it was good, little interaction and not much chit chat so I really didn't know much more than that he was a decent bloke that had a room to rent. I knew he ran one of the more adult stores in the city, but I had never been to it before.

    One morning he came home and asked how I was doing, I told him the truth things were getting harder and I may have to give him notice that I would leave soon.

    He offered me a deal, two months rent free if I helped him out with some favours. I snapped it up but he told me to let him finish.

    He said he needed a male model/ assistant to do some advertising in his store, I asked what kind of modelling and he said fetish.

    I froze up as honestly, this was not something I had any experience with; sure there were a few clubs and such that catered to this in the area but I had never given it a thought.

    He saw the look on my face and he said it's okay and we can see what we can do about the next months rent.

    qu ite a few minutes went by while I considered the few options I had and in the end I quickly assured him that I could do this, but I reserved the right to back out at any point.

    I asked what had happened to his old assistant, he told me straight up that he had got a better paid job and didn't give much notice.

    "Look if you want to do this then first you need to shower, be clean shaven and make sure your body hair is shaven or simply gone. We need to leave at lunch if you are going to learn the ropes"

    I thought whats the worst that could happen, I just needed to model some gear and help in the shop; maybe sort out stock.

    I hurried through showering and shaving, thankfully I have little body on my body; I work out a fair bit but I am far from buff, I guess my body could be describe as average build, im only 5ft7 so not super tall and my skin is tanned from the outdoors.

    Roughl y an hour later we left and took the main streets into town, then detoured round the back of a side street to the bay behind his store.

    The store itself was a basemsnt store, with an access stairs on the side of the building with a gay pub above it.

    We headed down and the first thing I noticed was the lack of advertising, just a simple light saying open and a warning on the door about age and what the store is.

    The windows were blacked out up to eye level and the rest was blurred, I waited as my new boss opened up and called me in.

    I took a shocked step back as I took in the store for the first time, rows upon rows of sex toys, clothing and dvds.

    It was tastefully decorated with black metal shelving and rigging, with red and blue walls and mood lighting. The store seemed very professional for what it was.

    It was a classy fetish establishment would be the best way to describe it and as the boss took my arm and began to highlight everything of relevance I started to become very turned on.

    "So Danny, you'll be in the showroom area whilst Jim my other assistant mans the tills later. I'll need you to help demonstrate the furniture youll be helping to model."

    &q uot;Wait,, what?" I asked as product demonstration sounded a bit more than I thought I was agreeing to.

    "Yes, model the furniture. I need an assistant to show how products like the chair or bench work; you'll not be recognised as you'll wear a mask so dont worry"

    Taking a deep breath I followed him through to the showroom, it was a demo area of dungeon furniture and equipment.

    &quo t;Have a look round whilst I sort out your outfit" he called out as he left me to it.

    I ran my hand over the leather padding of what resembled a bench, but with 'leg holsters', I saw a cross attached to the wall with obvious points with which to secure someone and I sat in rather mean looking chair covered in belts and leather.

    I stepped into the cage and imagined the door locking shut, I was becoming more engrossed and turned on; the smells of the room, to the lightning and furniture were all building a picture in my mind and I really wanted it to come true.

    As i looked at a few more things that I couldnt honestly guess what they did, the boss came back in with several garments and accessories in his arms.

    putting the rather large pile on the table in the room, he proceeded to explain his choices, talking me though the stuff so I could understand and getting my overall measurements to narrow down the choices.

    In the end we well more he had decided that the rubber catsuit would fit best, explaining how the suit worked and what I needed to do put it on.

    So this was it, I ad to commit or get gone as he needed to work and teach me or plan something else for tonight.

    I nodded and said to basically get on with it, he then point black told me to strip and put my gear in the bag he handed to me.

    Well its not like I havent been naked in front of a guy before and with a hurry I quickly stripped and chucked my stuff in the bag and stood waiting.

    He commented that I could follow an order well enough and proceeded to inspect me like and comment on the state of my body, nice firm arse, cock a little small but not important, body decent but could do with more definintion.

    He walked around me commenting and then started to give me orders, handing me some oil and told me to rub my body in it, focussing on legs, arms and upper body whilst he did the same to the suit.

    I really had to fight my libido as naked, oiled and rather turned on was going to end either very good or bad from both his and my points of view.

    Overall it took almost 15minutes to get me into the suit, with the zips on the sleeves and legs being done up to form a good seal, but when he pulled the main zip running up the back it really felt good and tight.

    It was a bit weird as I strached and walked on command, as the boss admired my look.

    He told me I look great and we needed to get a move on, so on came a chest harness as he explained its function; it acted as way to facilitate restraint and allowed for ropes, belts etc to be attached.

    He helped put on a simple rubber hood, eye holes and open mouth with a zip lock on the back that he then padlocked to the zip on the suit, I was startled but he explained that customers noticed the details.

    Now we got you basic kitted out, he then showed me more of the store talking about the products very professionally, that we do not judge or comment on the clientele and any problems he would handle.

    It turned out that by the time he had shown me enough, we still had 2hours till opening and if I wanted the toilet before he strapped me up for photos.

    A quick detour and poop later, I was up against the wall being posed as he snapped away some basic shots; he encouraged me to be submissive, told me the best angles to kneel or pose in.

    Then came the biggie, the bondage chair; over 20minutes of belting, adjusting and securing before I was as immobile as he could get me; I was rather enjoying the sensations and feelings it was invoking in me.

    More photos were taken as he gavc a running commentary on how I looked, what was going to happen next etc...

    Then it happened, I moaned, a deep gutteral moan; which had him smiling and putting the camera down.

    "I knew you'd be a fucking good boy at this, I bet your itching to get to your cock arent you?"

    &qu ot;Please, I need to wank"

    "Tough fucking shit, your not getting to your cock anytime soon mate" as he walked out of the room, I shouted for him and was told to shut the fuck up, models dont talk back.

    It was not like I was going anywhere so I just had to wait.

    A few minutes later, the boss came back with a few more toys and still ignoring me he began to prep for whatever he planned next.

    He then acknowledged me and asked if I was comfortable, I bit my tongue to fight of a sarcastic reply and said comfy but frustrated.

    He chuckled and said to enjoy it, he then offered me a deal a wank now or if I wanted to wait then a fuck later.

    I really wanted a wank, but the thought of fucking was worth the wait.

    I agreed and he explained he was going to leave me for one hour whilst he set up for the night and if I behaved he would fuck me sensless.

    I willingly agreed and he slipped a blindfold over me and left me to it.

    I later spent an hour being fucked by him and spent ages over the next few months learning the ropes, i have a full time job and the rents pretty good.

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