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    Gay Male / 20

    Finally told my mom that Iâm gay. Came as no surprise though.

    Iâve been having sex with a guy she works with for two years now. He worked with my mom for 10 years. Both are nurses. We were having sex on the couch since my mom was supposed to be at work. I was riding his cock, heâs itâs a great size cock! Then my mom walks in the front door. She saw me on top of him. She didnât know what to say.

    Then when I got off his dick she saw who I was having sex with. Iâm trying talk to my mom while I have a raging boner and heâs putting his underwear on to cover up lol.

    When I finally told my mom that Iâm gay she said I could tell, you have a big dick in your asshole. But she was okay with me being gay, she was just shocked to see who I was having sex with. She didnât know he was gay or that he had such a nice body. And a big dick!

    All while she was telling to to cover myself up, she doesnât want to see me erect.

    Since she knows weâre gay, heâs over a lot now. We have way more sex ow since we donât have to hide it. And I donât have to hide the used condoms in the garbage anymore

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    My mom set me up with her gay hairdresser when I was 13. Not as boyfriends but so he could have a talk with me about safe sex after she caught me with another boy making out. Jorge her hairdresser got in my pants the first time "we had our talk" and multiple times weekly thereafter. She eventually caught us together, her cute little boy's bottom fat cock full of Jorge. She was really shocked at first but she realized it was her that kinda encouraged us.

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