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    Long before it was acceptable my lesbian mother had me in secret, hidden away. I was raised by her sister. I found out who my mother was when I was 22. It is also the year my mother came out to me, "I am a lesbian and I am your mother". Of course I knew her all my life, as my aunt. That quirky woman who lived in Oakland, California. Now she was my mother and I met her lesbian partner. So, if she was my mother who was my father? My father who raised me is my father, her sister's husband. Not on purpose, a drunk party when she still hid her perversion from the general public.

    I went to work for Delta after college, a flight attendant with a Math degree. I got the job because a 'close' friend had a job with Delta. I also suffered from the same perversion. My close friend was my college lover, neither one of us showed our true colors to anyone else. I came out to my mother the day she came out to me and confessed she was my mother. My first time telling someone I had a girlfriend. My girlfriend freaked out, she was hurt that I told someone. Being a pervert was not something you admitted to. We were close friends. Now my mother knew we were lovers.

    My mother lived in Oakland, we lived in conservative Atlanta. Sure there were stories of flight attendants that fucked pilots, and whispers of flight attendants that ate pussy. But that was a party girl, just waiting for a mechanic with a big dick to fuck her and have four kids. We did not fuck pilots, we went to Church and felt guilty because we ate pussy. My mother held our hand and helped us realize we were not the only girls who ate pussy. We transferred to San Francisco and my mother took us around.

    Still , all in all my mother that raised me said you get married, you have a family and you keep your girlfriend to yourself. I obeyed the mother that raised me. I married a professor of Mathematics and I had four children. My girlfriend retired from Delta and she helped me raise my children and look after my husband. We never came out to him, or my children. We are just fast friends from college, we might as well have been sisters we are so close.

    My husband lost his fight and cancer took him and I have a hole in my soul. My mother is an old woman now, one of the handful of people who knows. She is a bit more open but she understands that we are not going to step out, not at our age. We are going to stay friends, lay on the couch together, travel together, and from time to time eat pussy. My mother, the one who raised me, she does understand, she has kept her sisters perversion a secret and has kept my perversion a secret too.

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