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    Last night my gf lay me on my back kissing and wanking my cock. She started to edge me then at the last minute stopped. 'No please don't stop', I begged. Back at my cock she edged me again then stopped. 'Please don't', I pleaded. She smiled and said, 'Say what I want to hear'. 'No'. 'Say it', she said softly. Bringing me to the edge again. 'This is your last chance'. At the crucial point she slowed. 'Alright, alright'. 'Say it'. 'You can see other men baby'. She laughed and brought me off kissing me passionately. 'Now who shall be first', she smiled as she fed me my own cum. I think she was joking but can't be sure, what have I done?

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    Even if she's just joking, at least she likes to play dirty games in bed. It's just sex talk to improve the sex. And if she's serious...are you up for sloppy seconds? Or maybe next time she kisses you with cock breath, it might not have been you cock in her mouth beforehand. Are you cool with this?

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