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    I lost my virginity in a 1964 Bonneville. He lived in the neighborhood where we could only dream of. He asked me to the Junior Senior dance, I was 16 and he was 17. It happened on the street in front of my house, in the back seat. He wanted a kiss afterwards. Our relationship was all O.K. in my house, but his parents wanted him to do better. He had college on his plate and I had another year in high school. The baby came regardless, we got married after the baby was born. His mother called me a gold digger, my mother said if I had to get knocked up why not a rich kid. Seems like yesterday, his mother eventually tolerated me, but I never liked her. When we got married his father gave us the Bonneville, because we had a baby. We've been married fifty years.

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    Safe bet that your asshole-in-law ALSO married into that money, making her a hypocrite gold digger wench who sucked dick in the same back seat. That is a pretty sweet car, though, so the trade-off could be worse.

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