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    Straight Male / 33

    After the military I registered for college on the GI Bill. I was older than the other freshman, not just my six year age difference. The girl who hung on me was sixteen but she lied about being in college and her age and when her mother found me in bed with her I got the book thrown at me. After I was convicted her grandfather interfered and I was released on probation, on the condition that I married her. The same judge that sentenced me married us.

    I put the girl on the back of my bike and dropped out of college and headed south across country. I gave her to my aunt and told her to look after her and call me when she was grown up. I then headed for California and bit by hit I got a degree in Electrical Engineering and got a job with General Dynamics. My aunt put the girl, now twenty on Greyhound and shipped her out to me.

    Now I had sex with her, four years after the day we left Ohio. She opened up, never said anything. She was a good housekeeper and she had learned to cook. My aunt had done her job. She was a natural, and gave herself to making me happy. I pushed all the limits, she took it all in stride. Finally after a couple of months we settled down to missionary sex. Cooking, making beds, having sex, it was all in a days work.

    I learned how to push her buttons, how she liked it, I worked hard at getting her off. And she didn't disappoint. So one day I told her she was a keeper, not sending her back to Ohio. It took all of ten years for my record to be expunged, turns out that sixteen consensual offered a way out, marriage. She swears she had never had sex, it's just hard to believe. It doesn't matter, she with me now. She is the best lay I've had. Like I said my aunt did her job.

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