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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    We attended the concert even though I definitely didn't want to go. My wife's choice of artist, so I got bored. Leaving her to it for a while in the large venue, I went out of the arena itself and got myself a beer in the vip lounge bar. The young kid who served me, asked me if I wasn't enjoying the artist. When I told him it was my wife's choice, he seemed a little put out.
    "Anything wrong" I asked him. His reply and it was very matter of fact "Oh, only I was going to ask you if you wanted a blow job instead".
    Not one to miss out ever, I told him the toilets five minutes. He told me "No behind here now".
    My dick was in his mouth within less than a minute and it was I have to say right now, one of the best blow jobs I've ever had.
    He licked my balls, nibbled on my cock shaft and sucked in the entire length, seven inches, and swirled his tongue endlessly around my cock head. After only a short time I wanted to cum and told him. Instead of pulling back, he sucked harder and deeper, held my arse cheeks pulling me into his mouth and I shot my load there and then.
    Cumming so strongly and with so much cum spurting out of my cock, I held his head until I'd drained every last drop, forcing him to swallow.
    Finished and removing my cock from his mouth, he smiled up at me, said wow and thank you, then rose up to casually walk back behind the bar area he'd been in.
    Grabbing two free beers, he told me if I wanted a repeat performance to text him. We swapped numbers and I left him stood smiling at me as if it was perfectly normal to suck off one of your concert guests.
    Back with my wife she had hardly noticed i'd gone. Sitting down, I text the numbe and got an immediate reply "Yes, lunch time (And an address)".
    What I'd asked him, was does he take cock up his young arsehole.
    The following day, I drove over to his parents address where he opened the door naked. Throughout the morning and into the afternoon as I was supposed to be playing golf, I had an amazing time sucking and fucking with a very active young eighteen year old lad.
    Eighteen months on, I'm still fucking him and it only gets better each time.

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