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    So one of my best friends moved to another state and I went to visit her for the weekend. Her boyfriend is nice and cute, Iâve always enjoyed him, certainly not a crush or anything. One thing I noticed is he often glances at my cleavage when Iâm wearing a low cut top or dress. My boobs arenât big, maybe a little bigger than his girlfriends. It never really bothered me but I suspected he was at least a little into me.

    On the first night of the visit at their new apartment I came out of the bathroom after a shower to ask for lotion and he pops up off the floor, startled. He said he dropped something but it looked like he was looking under the door to try and see something. I noticed later the marble in the doorway is kind of reflective and you can kind of see into the bathroom at the right angle.

    I played it cool like nothing happened. I felt a little invaded at first and creeped out but also kind of flattered and a tiny bit aroused by him being so risky in order to see me naked. The next morning my friend (his gf) went out to walk the dog as he was waking up. I knew she usually took about 40 mins and was feeling a little frisky. I was wearing an oversized shirt that I had slept in, and I thought he might like seeing me wearing only that.

    It was obvious I wasnât wearing a bra, you could clearly see my nipples and the shape of my breasts. The shirt went down my thigh but I wasnât wearing panties. I walked around the kitchen and got some coffee and I could tell he was subtly watching me. I felt so exposed and it was turning me on.

    We both sat on the couch with our coffees and the tv on in the background. I was facing him with my legs folded up and we had normal conversation. When he would look away or at the tv I would move my leg or shirt to expose my naked vagina, and cover up as he glanced back. I was teasing him and he knew it. After a bit of this, with my heart racing, while heâs talking to and looking at me I slowly adjusted so my pussy was in clear view. I could even feel the air from the fan softly blow on it, so I knew it was out there.

    He kept darting his eyes down to look without being obvious. I just sat there, erect nipples and a wet exposed pussy facing my best friends boyfriend. It was so hot. I didnât want to fuck him I just wanted to feel the rush of flashing someone I should not be flashing. I say like that casually for probably 5 minutes, making sure to occasionally turn my head away so he had the opportunity to stare and get a good look.

    After a bit I got up to get more coffee and offered him some. I brought the pot over and bent over to pour his cup. The shirt had a wide collar, giving him full view of my naked tits hanging under the shirt.

    Expecting my friend back soon I retreated back to my room to furiously masturbate before my shower. I left the door open just a bit. Not enough to see in but enough to risk him popping his head in for a moment and seeing me. I came very hard.

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