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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I stopped by a favorite local bar, Smitty's, renowned mostly for its' wildly diverse crowd and famous ribs. Everybody likes cold beer and great BBQ. Anyway, I met this handsome older guy sitting at the bar and we watched the ballgame and chatted over a couple of drinks when he abruptly invited me up to his hotel room. It was only late afternoon and I was enjoying his company and knew immediately his intentions, yet I agreed and we made our way a couple of blocks to his motel. Once in his room he became quite aggressive and offering little resistance, in a few minutes his cock was hitting the back of my throat. It had been ten years since I had any gay sex. I am married now with two young kids and just never pursued it. I loved having a big dick in my mouth again and he was hard as a rock. We were both naked by this point and laid together on the bed, he went down on me and I blew an enormous load in his mouth after just a few minutes, he swallowed all of it. Then he spun me around on my stomach and began eating out my asshole. He was an expert at it and in no time I was begging him to fuck me. He was an absolute wizard with his big dick and drove me to the edge of pleasure for twenty minutes. Without any warning he drove hard into my ass and held it there as he grunted loudly with each spurt of cum deep in my bowels. Then it was over, he just said thanks and jumped in the shower.I laid on the bed absolutely spent for a few minutes the got up dressed quickly and left. His cum leaked out of may ass for a couple hours, what a mess.

    The next day, Sunday my wife and I got the kids ready for the nine o'clock mass. I almost fainted when I saw the priest on the altar, it was him! A few times during the service I noticed him smirk after giving me the eye. He nearly stuck his finger down my throat during communion. The following week he was introduced as the new pastor.

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    Great story!MYTm

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