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    Alright so hereâs what happened. I was with my girlfriend and her best friend whoâs a buff looking dude, hispanic, same height 5â8 I think, long hair and heâs part Caribbean. They hang out with each other frequently, text and call. Heâs even with us when itâs just suppose to be us two alone.

    Usually when we hang out, heâll carry her in his arms like a princess or a damsel in distress and sheâll have her arms around his neck. They do this often, and usually theyâll be talking to each other throughout the entire time forgetting that Iâm there.

    Then this time I came over to her house, she got outside with him. I donât remember what exactly happened but we were talking about her panties and he knew exactly what she was wearing. Which I found very odd, so I brushed it off and changed topic. Then this guy wanted to compare dick size in front of my girlfriend, whoâs his best friend. So I showed mine by hand, which was 7.5 and girth. He then proceeds to show his as 9 inches, and a larger girth. This was done right in front of her, so she already knew he had the bigger dick.

    Later on he tells me as weâre walking home in the same direction. That he already fucked her, he told me that they were at her house, watching a movie and he was playfully teasing her and she told him âFuck me *****â. This was on the day, he supposably guesses her pantyâs color. She was on the sofa elevated, and he got on his knees, lifted up her blouse and started eating her pussy. He said that she moaned his name, and was gripping the sofa. He then took out his 9 inch dick and began to impale her. She screamed of joy, and he enjoyed it but stopped because âit was wrongâ. Then I came and thatâs were it then continued.

    It didnât bother me, cuz there was no proof. Me and her then broke up, and I use to imagine howâd he fuck her, cum all over her face.

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